Woman Police Believed To Be ‘Jane Doe’ Murder Victim Is Found Alive After 42 Years

A woman who was on investigators’ radar as possibly being a Jane Doe has been ruled out — because she was recently found alive. It’s a case that’s haunted Jonestown, PA since the 1970s, and now investigators are back to square one.

In the fall of 1973, a woman’s remains were discovered near an Army post, the Washington Post reports.

The body was naked, with no identification and no clothes. The only thing authorities knew was that she’d been buried under tarps and logs. Authorities believe her body had been in the wooded area for at least two weeks.

Penn Live says the case has never gone completely cold – in fact, it’s been passed to many investigators over the years. It wasn’t until it reached Trooper Nathan Trate’s desk recently, however, that something drastic was done.

Trate reportedly took the case to another level when he had a bust constructed of the Jane Doe. The bust is complete with hair, earrings, even a shirt. It’s 3-D and was made through formulas including bone density and skin depth. Investigators believe the woman in question stood between five feet six and five feet eight inches tall, with blonde or light brown hair.

The tarps the body was wrapped in, according to Penn Live, were from “The National Sanitation Foundation Testing Laboratory 8505,” but police say no such place ever existed.

In addition, authorities said persons of interest were interviewed back in the early 1970s, but no formal suspect was ever brought forward.

One of the strongest leads police had back then were four runaways from a  home for troubled youth, called Talbot Hall. One of those girls was Betsy Langjahr.

Authorities said they always considered it possible that the uncovered body actually belonged to Betsy, and they believed that until recent weeks.

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It wasn’t until the completion of the bust, and a press conference, when investigators learned Betsy is not dead at all — but very much alive. Trate told the Washington Post, “She had no clue we thought she was dead.” But that’s all Trate would say about Betsy.

Now, he’s back to square one. The report says he’s leaning on the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children for help, along with National Missing and Unidentified Persons System.

If you know who this female could be, please reach out to the Pennsylvania State Police.

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