What The Crime?! Podcast EP. 1: Why Is Florida So Weird?

really florida

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In our debut episode, “Really, Florida?”, we examine what exactly makes the Sunshine State a hotbed for wacky, criminal activity.

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Is it the heat or the transplant effect? Or maybe the widespread fraud and notorious government corruption? How about the state’s penchant for testing new and extremely dangerous drugs (see Flakka)? Could the widening income disparity across the state be a factor? Perhaps the “Spring Break Phenomena” has taken over the entire peninsula? Reddit also has a few very interesting theories.

Read more about the stories featured on this week’s episode…and a few others we couldn’t resist sharing:

  1. Florida Man Who Had Year-Long Sexual Relationship With A Dolphin Claims The Animal “Seduced Him”
  2. The Woman With Three Boobs Has Now Been Arrested For A Second Time
  3. Man Vandalizes Girlfriend’s Car Because She Had A Psychic Dream That He Would Have Strap-On Sex With His Dead Grandmother
  4. Florida Man Attacked With Garden Gnome During Dispute
  5. Edward Cocaine The Druggie & 9 Other Criminals With The Most Ironic Names Ever
  6. Meet Crystal Metheney, The Most Unfortunately Named Criminal In All Of Florida
  7. Flakka Is Coming: 5 Things You Should Know About Florida’s Frightening New Drug Of Choice
  8. Florida Couple Ignores Police Standoff To Have Sex ‘One Last Time’
  9. Florida Woman Kicks Detainee In The Face For Farting In Her Direction
  10. Florida Charmer Calls 911 To Flirt With Dispatcher, Brag About Muscles

Get non-stop Florida fun from the infamous Florida Man Twitter handle.

And meet our featured Florida experts, journalist and author Craig Pittman and documentary filmmaker, Sean Dunne.

  • Andrew Cohen

    That guy that ate the other guys face off tested negative for bath salts i dont know why they cant do enought research to not play into that urban myth

    • Erin Costello

      Finally! Someone else with a brain. I’ve been reminding people of this same fact for over 2 years now. If anything drove him crazy enough to do this, it would’ve been the synthetic pot. But the bath saltz, (crystaal, 8-ballz etc..), were actually pretty harmless. In my city alone, heroin od’s dropped, and the hard illegal drugs dropped as well. No one wanted them anymore. Probably why the saltz were banned. The govt stood to lose way too much money if people stopped buying the street drugs.

  • Phil BRABANT

    I live in Floridah….the high humidity all the time swells the brain and prevents the brain from good judgement. It is filled with Klan people and their supporters…the confederate flag is next to the US flag at the Marion County Gov. Offices….people threaten each other over small issues with guns…just last week, Miami PD killed over 4 residents….Cubans occupy Miami and they brought crime, killings, money laundering,demand for Spanish everywhere…no were else in the world have refuges taken over a city like Cubans did in Miami….Florida pay is very low, and the heat is constant. Don’t move here.

    • Wanda Hopper

      You are Ignorant. Half the crimes there are Caucasian derived. Demand for Spanish is not just in Florida. It is everywhere due to many that have come here legally or not legally do speak Spanish some can speak English to but prefer Spanish. As many things do not translate well from Spanish to English or the other way.

  • Betty Echols

    I lived in Fl for a short time and every day I heard about pediphiles and animal abusers. ..More than I ever had in my life. I had already decided it was filled with these lowlifes, more so than any other place, when a news mag did a story on the same premise. ….it is true….

  • Richgeana White

    This sh*t ain’t even believable I can’t with these people

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