Custodian Finds Newborn Baby Abandoned In Nativity Scene At Queens Church

On Monday, a custodian working at a church in the Richmond Hill section of Queens found something a little unusual hidden in the annual indoor Christmas nativity scene: a 5-pound newborn baby boy.

According to CBS , the custodian returned from his lunch break to find the child (believed to only be about 4-5 hours old) in the manger — located inside the church — wrapped in towels, umbilical cord still attached. The baby was transported to the hospital and is healthy.

New York has a safe haven law, which means babies can be left at hospitals and churches, but they have to be turned over to an actual person or the authorities must be called. Since those rules were broken in this case, police are currently talking to witnesses and viewing local surveillance footage in hopes of tracking down the infant’s parents.

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The church pastor, Father Christopher Heanue, wrote on the Holy Child Jesus Church’s Facebook page: “Let us pray for this child. For his parents and for whomever will receive him into their home.”

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