What The Crime?! Podcast EP. 2: When Hanger Strikes, No One Is Safe


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In episode 2, we set out to understand a shocking topic we cover daily on CrimeFeed…hanger. Never heard of “hanger“? Well, it’s a nasty mix of hunger and anger. You’ve likely experienced it or know someone who has…

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As part of our research into hanger, we divided the associated crimes into three distinct categories: people who turned delicious meals into deadly weapons, individuals who got violent when their personal food supply was violated, and folks who took criminal action when they were hungry. We also talked to a nutritionist, Dara Godfrey and Dr. Bob Slay about the science of hanger, investigated the effects of HALT and ghrelin and listened to Dr. Brad Bushman’s fascinating Ted Talk. We even discovered a bizarre case where low blood sugar was a criminal defense for attempted murder.

Here are a few of our most memorable hangry headlines:

  1. Pregnant Woman Stabs Boyfriend With Scissors During Fight Over Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  2. Man Tries To Strangle Roommate For Eating 3 Of His Chips Ahoy Cookies
  3. Husband Arrested For Assaulting Wife With A Waffle
  4. Woman Suffers Major Cheese Burns After Being Assaulted By Piping Hot Pizza Slice
  5. Two Women Attacked By Rowdy Bachelorette Partygoers…Over A Hot Dog
  6. Woman Charged With Putting Dead Foot Skin Shavings In Her Family’s Milk

And many more hangry crimes

Along with researching wacky crimes, we also looked at the staggering number of Americans who deal with hunger everyday. Hunger, or “Food Insecurity”, is an issue for more than 49 million Americans. So on this Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season, we encourage you to help make a difference. Donating to your local food bank is best way to help your neighbors in need.

Find A Food Bank

Learn More About The Documentary Film “Hunger In America” 

A special thanks to all of our contributors, including Josh Levine, Dara Godfrey, Dr. Slay and Zac Adams.



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