Car Thieves Drop Kid Off At School After Stealing Vehicle With Child Left Inside

This 8-year-old in Norfolk, Virginia had one of the strangest morning trips to school ever.

After his mother left the child in the car while she went into a local post office, leaving the keys in the ignition and the car running, things took a turn for the bizarre. When she came back out 20 minutes later to take her child to school, both the car and her kid were gone.

This could have gone the way of the usual carjacking and kidnapping tales out there, but police found the boy approximately 15 minutes later. He was sitting in his school classroom with a smile on his face, absolutely unharmed but with one heck of a story. According to police, the boy told them that two men in their late teens or early 20s got in the car at the post office.

They reportedly saw the child there, and quickly told him they were there to take him to school. They asked the boy where he went to school, and when the child answered, they were off. The thieves dropped him off for class before disappearing with the vehicle. The boy told police he’d been nervous, because he’d never seen the men before. He was shaken when he learned of what had happened, but it was obvious to police that the men were not intent upon kidnapping the child, just stealing the car.

Fortunately, the mother had also left her phone in the car. Find My iPhone led them to the vehicle, which had been abandoned about three miles away from the scene with the men nowhere to be found. They have been going through all the security footage from the post office, scanning the car for evidence, and talking with neighbors but they have no suspects at this time.

Police have stressed that while it is legal to leave a car running in a parking lot, and it is also legal to leave a child unattended in a manner such as that, police have not yet ruled out the possibility of filing charges against the boy’s mother. They are in the process of trying to determine what, if any, danger he might have been in while sitting in a car with the ignition running.

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