Woman Jumps Out Of Car, Breaks Ankle When She Mistakenly Thinks Deaf Lyft Driver Is Kidnapping Her

A woman jumped out of a Lyft car and broke her ankle, thinking she was being kidnapped. Soon she found out her Lyft driver was actually, um, deaf, and it was all a huge misunderstanding

San Francisco police spokesman Officer Albie Esparza told CBS San Francisco that the 40-year-old male Lyft driver with a hearing impairment accidentally made a wrong turn while driving the female passenger. When the woman asked about the wrong turn, the driver didn’t hear her and that’s when mayhem ensued.

“He never heard her say anything,” Esparza explained.

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After telling the driver to stop with no success, the rider decided to take matters into her own hands and make a break for it — jumping out of the vehicle at a stop light and running away.

Investigators found that the Lyft driver was indeed not kidnapping her… just taking her home via a route she was previously unfamiliar with.

“There was no criminal maliciousness. There was no criminal intent,” Esparza said.

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  • silvrhawk

    I understand she was afraid but shouldn’t the driver be able to hear the passenger and other things like sirens , instructions, and should have told her he was deaf. My husband was deaf but could speak and have very little hearing but ppl still was prejudice of him. Sorry the lady got hurt and scared but next time warn the passenger

    • Alice O’neal

      The uber app alerts the person if the driver is deaf or HOH.You can cancel the order if you don’t want the driver….so I’m confused to why she got in the car.

  • Mike Champion

    So these companies MAY be hiring drivers that cannot hear simple directions or say a siren on a firetruck just before they collide, killing driver and passenger(s)? Nice.