Man Charged With Child Abuse For Allegedly Forcing 5-Year-Old Girl To Eat Vomit

A 5-year-old girl says her mother’s boyfriend beat her and made her eat her own vomit. Now her father is trying to get full custody.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that the little girl, who was not identified because of her age, ate too much and accidentally threw up on the dinner table. That’s when she says her mother’s boyfriend, 28-year-old Todd Brisebois, lost his temper and made her eat what she threw up.

The report says Brisebois also told the child that if she didn’t eat it, he would get the rubber house and punish her. Though the child ate the vomit, she says Brisebois hit her several times anyway.

The report also says Brisebois’ alleged abuse didn’t stop there. The 5-year-old told authorities that the man would wake her up in the middle of the night and force her to do push-ups until she was sore. He also allegedly put her on the top shelf of the closet, gave her two black eyes, and beat her on the back with a hose multiple times.

Police heard the horrifying accounts of how she was allegedly abused by “Mr. Todd” every night she stayed with her mom. (According to the custody arrangement, the victim’s mother would have her for four nights a week and her father would keep her for the other nights.)

The child’s father says he knew about the abuse and tried to report it to the Florida Department of Children and Families several times, but nothing was ever done.

With nowhere left to turn, the victim’s father says he started videotaping his daughter talking about “Mr. Todd.” He also documented the marks on her back from the alleged abuse. By this past November, the father had had enough, and contacted the police directly.

The child’s mother claims it was made up so the father would be able to get full custody, but police say when the questioned the little girl, she did not appear to have been coached.

The mother has not been arrested yet, but Brisebois was. The report says he was out on bail and ordered not to have any contact with the child.

At this time, the little girl is in her father’s care while the investigation continues

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