Woman Arrested For Child Abuse When 5-Year-Old Daughter Weighs In 19 Pounds

Christina Calhoun of Tulsa, Oklahoma was arrested on charges of child abuse after her daughter was found by doctors to be severely malnourished and weighing only 19 pounds. Emergency services responded to a call of a child with breathing difficulties last week, and when they got the girl to the hospital for treatment, doctors were shocked at her condition. The child was severely dehydrated and extremely malnourished. According to reports, doctors believe that the lack of proper medical care and nutrition may have exacerbated unnamed existing medical conditions, too.

Calhoun, 25, had reportedly been involved in several cases with the local Department of Human Services regarding potential child neglect. Previous welfare checks on the daughter had been hampered by Calhoun covering the girl with a blanket and only allowing officials to see the girl’s face. There were reports that Calhoun had been offered assistance in caring for the child in the past, but she either didn’t accept the help or didn’t cooperate when she did accept it.

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The investigation is ongoing, as police believe that there may have been others who knew of the child’s condition without reporting it to the Department of Human Services or the police. There is a mandatory reporting requirement by Oklahoma law for anyone suspecting or knowing that a child is being abused or neglected.

Calhoun is currently being held on $100,000 bond in the Tulsa County Jail. Her next court appearance is reportedly scheduled for Tuesday, January 12.

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Image: County Jail

  • charlene

    So messed up! The mom doesn’t look like she’s starving, either. Steralization!

    • Lady Vegeta

      There should be automatic sterilization for people like this monster who harm innocent children

      • charlene


  • Elliott Lanosa

    OK, I have a problem with the CPS folks. Seems like it would have been easy for them to pull back a blanket and look at the child. Someone was not doing their job and this little one is paying for it. Shame on those officials for sitting on their thumbs when something so obvious was going on.

  • Onelove

    Poor baby.

  • Seriously? This b*tch doesn’t look like she’s missed a single meal and more

  • Christine Killen

    previous welfare checks had been hampered…… wtf? why did they not insist on thoroughly investigating? negligence on CPS!!!

  • Mimimariec

    Why are people like this allowed to have children?!

  • Neha Desai

    As someone who is majoring in social work it pisses me off when I read stories like this and hearing about CPS or other child welfare services not doing their job correctly. I figured she was getting assistance even before I read the article and it’s a shame that this child had to endure what she endured.

  • Shelby Fisher

    Jeezus. My son weighed 19lbs when he was 5 MONTHS old. Sick. She should be starved and see how she likes it.