Postal Worker Accused Of Throwing Out A Thousand Holiday Gifts And Cards Because He Was “Overwhelmed”

A New York postal worker stands accused of throwing away about a thousand holiday gifts and letters (!) because he was “overwhelmed” by how many were coming in for delivery.

According to the New York Post, Daniel Darby is believed to have bought three white trash bags to put the mail into. He then reportedly threw them into a Queens garbage can. They were recovered two days later.

Court documents also allege that the 25-year-old ripped open several pieces of mail to “see what it contains.” 

It didn’t take long for the postal worker to admit his naughty behavior to authorities. The New York Daily News reports that he fessed up to going to Stop and Shop to pick up the trash bags and opening up a few pieces of mail.

The reason he gave: that he “overwhelmed by the quantity” of mail he was tasked to dole out during the holidays.

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Darby was charged with unlawfully delaying and destroying mail. The Post reports he has been released on $50,000 bail.

In related news, a different NYC postal worker was also accused of stealing gift cards and using them to buy things for himself.

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  • Steff

    Huh…seems that happens a lot. Might explain why my mail never seems to get to me…hope they fire him…

  • Stacy Nelson

    Many postal workers are ‘temporary’ or contracted workers and they have no clue, as the general public doesn’t either, of what’s really involved in mail delivery. People think it’s simple and any one can do it without much effort. That is far from true. My husband is a USPS worker for over 25 years and he has encountered many hardworking co-workers and many lazy co-workers in that amount of time. Every business has workers that are effective and many who are job has a lot of responsibility that many do not realize. If the postal service – in the future – goes private expect more mail theft and occurrences like this to happen as workers will not be held liable like they are now. This guy is a tool and he will be fired and hopefully prosecuted for his stupidity and dumping mail.

    • polliwogg

      I humped the mail for more than 25 years. The public thinks this is an easy job. It isn’t. Add to that, 70 percent of upper management is a psychopath or a sociopath. Between the supervisors and the public, it’s a wonder more of us don’t snap.

      • Softballumpire

        i don’t think its an easy job but i do have problem with accurate timing on some mail Carrier weekeds there hear early… weekedays its between 3-5pm i don’t get much mail anyways

      • stevie_wander

        Yeah, I did 13 years carrying mail and it was horrible. After a couple years in I was surprised there weren’t more carriers “going postal”! The management is abysmal, just the worst people you can imagine.

    • welcometoearth

      Have you been a Nurse? If I were to show the same type of “lack of” care to my patients because I was “overwhelmed ” how do you think that situation would go?

      • Stacy Nelson

        I totally agree with you. The guy here couldn’t handle it, for whatever lame excuse he had, I am just saying he probably took the job because he thought it was easy and when it didn’t go his way he tossed the mail. He deserves to be fired and also be charged with some sort of offense for throwing away mail.

  • Kathy Shaw

    My Christmas presents from me, in Virginia, to Tucson, Arizona, was cut open and stolen. Out of 13 items two made it. One was too hard to get out. The other was small and got caught in the bigger box. I was told it was probably a temp. That there really was no way to know. I mailed my things early this year.

  • Atsumi Reiyama

    On the other side of the globe, this is a regular occurrence in the
    Philippines. Every single day. Packages getting opened and stolen from
    or mail getting thrown away for no good reason. Tsk…