The Depraved Sex Lives Of Notorious Serial Killers

Panzram, Bundy, Dahmer

According to The A to Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers, murderers have been found to have abnormally strong sex drives that may include active fantasies about having intercourse with dead people. In addition, many serial killers have reported having sexual fetishes and/ or acting out on those deviant impulses. Studies have shown that perps who start as harmless peeping toms often move on to rape — or eventually — murder.

Below, we examine the profiles four notorious serial killers who had a depraved appetite for defiling their victims and using sex as a tool to demean them.

Gary Ridgway Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Gary Ridgway Photo: Wikimedia Commons

GARY RIDGWAY: The Man Who Killed So Many, He Lost Count

  • Years Active: 1982 -1998, but could be as late as 2001
  • Number of Victims: Convicted of 49, admitted to 71, but believed to be 90+
  • Nicknames: The Green River Killer, Green River Gary
  • Murder Method of Choice: Strangulation, sometimes employing ligatures

Background: Gary Ridgway remains one of the most prolific serial killers in history. He haunted police for years, earning the nickname “The Green River Killer” when investigators uncovered five of his victims near Green River. As a child Ridgway was determined to have a low IQ and was the target of abuse at school and at home. At only 16 years old, Ridgway exhibited violent behavior, stabbing a 6-year-old boy.

Sexual Depravities: Mary Ridgway, Gary’s mother, often told her son inappropriate stories about her work in the men’s section of a department store. She reportedly discussed how customers would get aroused when she measured them for their suits. She would go into detail, telling her young son how the mens’ genitals smelled.

When he was a teenager, Ridgway admitted to having violent, sexual fantasies about his mother. As an adult Ridgway frequently had sex with prostitutes and requested that his wife have sex with him in public or near the bodies of his dead victims.

Praying on society’s nameless, Ridgway’s victims were almost exclusively prostitutes in Washington and California. Despite killing dozens of women and exhibiting twisted sexual tendencies, Ridgway was married three times and even fathered children. Although his wives were unaware that they had married a prolific killer, the women in Ridgeway’s life described his relentless sexual appetite, noting that he would demand sex multiple times a day. Without remorse Ridgway summed up his disturbing logic:

I hate most prostitutes. I didn’t want to pay them for sex. I also picked prostitutes as victims because they were easy to pick up without being noticed. I knew they would not be reported missing right away, and might never be reported missing.

Ted Bundy Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Ted Bundy Photo: Wikimedia Commons

TED BUNDY: The Very Definition Of Heartless Evil

  • Years Active: 1974-1978
  • Number of Victims: Confessed to 31, but many believe he could have nearly 100 victims
  • Nicknames: Lady Killer, The Campus Killer
  • Murder Weapon of Choice: Metal Bar, Strangulation

Background: With 31 admitted murders, it’s no wonder the world is equally fascinated and terrified by Ted Bundy. Bundy was uniquely evil and cunning, committing murders across seven different states in a relatively short period of time. So how did Bundy select and hunt his female targets? His young victims, who bared a striking resemblance to his first fiancé, were often college students. Despite the jarring resemblance between his victims, Bundy balked at the possible connection to his former lover. With his good looks and charismatic nature, Bundy was apt at tricking women by faking an injury and asking for help. Earning the nickname “Campus Killer,” Bundy was known to beat, rape and/or strangle his victims.

Sexual Depravities: Bundy began reading soft-core pornography when he 13 years old and he routinely engaged in necrophilia as he got older. As if Bundy’s murders could get more twisted, he would pleasure himself at the scene of his previous crimes. During years of assaulting and killing women, Bundy married and had several girlfriend and close female friends. Attorney Polly Nelson sums up the killer’s legacy, calling him the “very definition of heartless evil.”

Carl Panzram Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Carl Panzram Photo: Wikimedia Commons

CARL PANZRAM: The Spirit Of Hatred And Vengeance

  • Years Active: 1920 – 1929
  • Number of Victims: 22
  • Nicknames: 10 different alias
  • Murder Weapon of Choice: Anything readily available

Background: Carl Panzram confessed to 22 murders and more than 1,000 counts of forces sodomy. Panzam was born in Minnesota and by the age of 12 entered a correctional facility. The training school was nicknamed “The Painting House” because children were deemed blank canvases before they left the facility painted with blood and bruises. Panzram loathed the school so much that he eventually burned the building to the ground. Upon his release from school Panzram claims he was gang raped by a group of roving homeless criminals.

Sexual Depravities: As an adult Panzram lived an endless cycle of alcoholism, criminal behavior and sexual abuse. Panzram detailed his drive to rape the men he robbed, calling himself “rage personified” and contending that his sexual acts were an attempt to dominate and humiliate his victims.

Panzram admitted to raping hundreds of men, as well as killing and raping boys as young as 11-years-old. In his autobiography Panzram described his complete disregard for human life in one sentence:

“Rob ‘em all, rape ‘em all, and kill ‘em all.”

Jeffrey Dahmer Photo: AP Photo/Charles Bennett

Jeffrey Dahmer Photo: AP Photo/Charles Bennett

JEFFREY DAHMER: The Loner Cannibal  

  • Years Active: 1978 -1991
  • Number of Victims: 17
  • Nicknames: The Milwaukee Monster, The Milwaukee Cannibal
  • Murder Weapon of Choice: Strangulation, Botched/Crude Medical Experiments

Background: Although Dahmer’s victim count is the lowest on our list, his twisted and sexually motivated behavior is unparalleled in the history of serial killers. The “Milwaukee Cannibal” began his killing spree in 1978, murdering a hitchhiker after the pair had sex. Dahmer then casually buried the victim’s dismembered body parts in the woods behind his parent’s house. Despite waiting almost a decade before killing again, Dahmer went on to commit some of the most mind numbing acts, including cannibalism, necrophilia and bizarre attempts to preserve the victims’ bodies. Dahmer’s luck finally ran out in 1992 when police discovered photographs of his dismembered victims, included a picture of a head in the fridge. Ultimately, Dahmer was sentenced to 15 consecutive life terms before a fellow inmate beat him to death in 1994.

Sexual Depravities: Experts point to a corrective hernia procedure and the birth of his younger brother as the turning point in Dahmer’s early life. As a teen Dahmer was described as a loner with barely any friends and by 14 years old he became obsessed with the idea of necrophilia and murder.

By late 1985, he he began to frequent gay bathhouses, which he described as“relaxing places.” During these sexual encounters, he reportedly became frustrated when his partners moved during sex. He said, “I trained myself to view people as objects of pleasure instead of people.” During his killing spree, Dahmer targeted namely black gay men, focusing on poor and borderline criminals as a way to find less noticeable victims. He admitted to engaging in sexual acts with many of his victims’ viscera as he dismembered them in his bathtub. 

Photos: Wikimedia Commons

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  • Cynthia Angel Perez

    They’re all white

    • Lora Graham

      I think they chose these people just because of this article specifically about odd sexual habits of killers. I have several encyclopedias, including the one they named above, and was surprised that there were a number of serial killers who aren’t white. They just aren’t famous.

    • If it makes you feel any better, there are a number of black serial killers. Not sure what you are trying to prove thoogh.

      • soup fabros

        That white people be crazy, that’s What he’s trying to prove I guess lol

    • Yuki Aya Masahiko

      There is a new guy who was caught here in Ohio. He was a black guy but most of the notorious killers where a lot of times white men in there early to mid 30’s or even in there 40’s.The guy here in Ohio is known as the Cleveland killer real name is Anthony Sowell.

    • Raechel

      Someone always brings up race….why?

      • Yeah, really. I’m not sure why, race doesn’t even have anything to do with the article. I could say there being racist to white people, I’m gonna sue, lol

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        In my opinion some people aren’t satisfied unless there’s something to complain about. I wouldn’t be so much concerned with what race they picked, but the fact they were killing period.

    • Natalius

      That’s because we live in a mostly white society.

      Of course liberals have no problem pointing out how many crimes whites commit, but the fact is blacks make up 42% of all crimes and only 12% of the population. But liberals hate that fact.

      • Ever been to California or Florida??

        • Qween Nefertiti Blanco

          Florida has turned into the south’s trashcan lol…. Thank god my husband is a 6’10 retired deputy!

      • Qween Nefertiti Blanco

        Yes! I wanted to say that but I try to leave my political beliefs out of the discussion!;)

      • Andrea L Kuryak

        I consider myself to be fairly liberal and can tell you I don’t think that way. Facts are just that facts and I have no problem with that. Did you also know that most crimes committed by blacks are against other blacks? So explain to me how I hate facts?

        • Natalius

          Considering that most liberals call me “racist” for bringing up facts it’s safe to say that at least a very, very loud section of liberals are ruining it for the rest of you.

      • Jason Williams

        Wrong. Whites lead the planet in serial killers no matter the country. And most of white crime goes unreported to the media so we really don’t know the stats. Caucasians also lead is sexual depravity; coprolalia(feces)necrophilia(death), zoophilia(animals, probably why most of the red states are in the farm lands) and other animalistic behavior.

        • Natalius

          Gonna have to cite your sources there bucko because anywhere you look that’s bullshit.

      • APerry

        Of ALL crimes? I would suggest looking at FBI stats. “Blacks”, if we are using colors and not genetics, may make up 42% of B & E . However,, “Whites” make up 71 % of those who commit rapes, more than 60% for drunk driving, and yes…they even commit murders. Now this particular post was on serial killers. The FBI profile for a serial killer is a WHITE male, between 21-35. That is a fact, not liberal spew or alternative facts…real facts. So while her comment was crass, she was correct.

    • BGats14

      And that means I exactly what Doctor?

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    • Jolene Aiken

      Right?!?!?! Unless she’s referring to victims. I don’t see how she’s turning th is into a race thing because the article states facts pretty much everyone knew which is he preferred gay black men. People need to quit worrying about how he chose victims and focus more on how truly disturbing he was.

      • Qween Nefertiti Blanco

        Yes ma’am

    • Suzan

      They’re all men…lol

    • Pamela Frazier

      FACT: MOST SERIAL KILLERS ARE WHITE. Though, there are several Black serial killers. From a Sociological and Anthropological standpoint, I understand why stating this fact is important. The media as well as society stressed time and time over that Blacks and Latinos are the problem. Thus, making it seem as though WHITE IS ALWAYS RIGHT AND DO NO WRONG. The White culture has and still is about “hide and cover” while the Black culture is more about “seek and discover”. It’s life and that will NEVER change. Race and characteristics based on race will always dominate the happening in society. It’s sad but true.

      • Casi

        People like you are the reason we’ll never have American History. We’ll have black history and white history. People like you are the reason race will always be an issue. You saying what white culture is about is absurd. Where do you get this info? Are you white? No, you’re not. It’s your assumption. I could make a post saying black culture is about handouts, dealing drugs, and section 8 housing because that’s the majority of what I see, but I know better. I have black friends who are actually productive members of society and not constantly seeking a race war. I see so many black people screaming racism when they’re in fact the racist ones. It’s pathetic. Our country faces some of the biggest threats of terrorism in our history, but our people are too worried about what color everyone is to stand together and face it. That’s what is sad.

      • Andrea L Kuryak

        You are so wrong and part of the problem by making generalizations and inaccurate commets. Whites do not see themselves as right or practice what you call hide and cover. Unfortunately blacks commit the majority of the crimes and against each other. Then when police seek help from witnesses or even the victim’s themselves they “don’t know nothing” and then complain police aren’t trying to solve the crimes. Well until that changes there will be more unsolved black on black crimes. For example on 48 hours the police were trying to get a shooting victim to tell who did it and everyone around him said don’t give it up, keep it to yourself. He did and he died. Yes, they were all black refusing to help police catch the creep who killed this guy. The cops wanted to solve the crime because they don’t care who the victim was because all they care about is no one should be allowed to get away with murder. So how are whites at fault for this?

    • Roy

      Walter Williams and the Grim Sleeper were black. Feel better?

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  • Grace Garcia

    will there ever come a time again, in America, where we can all have a conversation where race doesn’t enter into it? THIS article is NOT even close to being one where race should even matter. For me, I personally think the conversation should be about how sick parent’s should not be having sexually explicit conversations with their children. OR ignore when their kid’s are doing whacked out things, like killing / hurting animals or siblings. Have NO idea what difference race makes in any of this. Just sayin’.

  • Nichole Sunshine Bongen

    Black people to busy killing one another how’s that since people wanna bring race into it or I could blackzip are too ignorant to plan a murder SMH plain and simple psychological disorders know no race

  • Qween Nefertiti Blanco

    Race is not the issue it shouldn’t even be the topic, the upbringing of a child is the main issue! Children who have had birth defects issues with “Macdonald triad”(the three most common traits to become a disturbed person/killer)& are loners distant bullied berated & abused need the most help! This is why we must pay attention to all things our children are subjected to,& their behavior @ an early age to TRY to prevent them from becoming the next murderer / serial killer/ rapist /peeping tom!
    Our society is predominantly white that’s the only reason it may seem that there are more white ones than black! There are plenty of black ones also! So stop dragging race into the issue we as Americans need to come together and raise our children as a “village”!

  • Dave Wink

    The racial mix of serial killers fairly closely matches the racial mix of the population. Most, but not all, serial killers tend to kill within their race. If there is some debate to be had around race and serial killers it is the fact that the media in America covers white serial killers more than other races , and that is probably because the victims are white, not because the killer is.

    Most American killers, in general, are men, but 10% are women; however 17% of American serial killers are women. If we say we are talking about a killer, that person is most likely a non-serial-killing male. If we reveal that this killer is a woman, the odds we are talking about a serial killer goes up.

  • I thought I was reading an article on serial killers. Enough with the race war but I do have a question. The person who started the comments about race, what point was she trying to prove? Was she upset that white people were listed as serial killers and not black people?? That’s the only thing I can make out of it. This isn’t the Civil War article.

  • Melanie Wood

    While it is True that Yes, MOST SERIAL KILLERS ARE WHITE. And YES IT’S TRUE, that the killer does “Hunt” in their own Ethnic Group. But there are Deviations, such as the Killer targeting Prostitutes.