15-Year-Old Girl Charged With Killing Mom And Boyfriend, Then Going Out To Party For New Year’s Eve

A 15-year-old Brooklyn girl has been arrested and charged with murdering her mother and her mother’s boyfriend. According to ABC 11, the teen allegedly left their dead bodies for days as she went about her business, even going out to party in Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

Destiny Garcia was reportedly charged as an adult on 2 counts of second-degree murder and 2 counts of criminal possession of a weapon. ABC11 says she confessed to the crime as she was being questioned by police.

The bodies of the victims, 38-year-old Rosie Sanchez and her boyfriend Anderson Nunez, 40, had reportedly been in the family’s apartment since Sunday, Dec. 27 before they were found. Destiny reportedly lived in the apartment with them.

Sanchez had been shot multiple times in the chest while seated in an easy chair, while Nunez had apparently been both shot and stabbed — a whopping 30 times, per the NY Times. Officials do not believe it was an act of self-defense, though Garcia reportedly did tell officers that her mom had physically abused her in the past. Per the Daily News, she changed her story and told them her mom abused her after previously telling officers that her mom had turned a blind eye to Nunez raping her. It’s still unclear what the truth was.

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ABC reports that she left the bodies at home in the apartment for days, even going out to party in Times Square for New Year’s Eve.

Per the New York Times, Garcia may have acted with another individual in planning and executing the killings.

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