Mom, Girlfriend Arrested For Torturing 5-Year-Old Son So Badly He Has 2 Strokes During Hospital Treatment

A mother and her partner are accused of allegedly torturing their 5-year-old son, and now they are both behind bars, News On 6 reports.

News On 6 reports that the boy’s mother, 28-year-old Rachel Stevens, and her girlfriend, 25-year-old Kayla Jones, are both charged with felony child abuse by injury and child neglect, Tulsa World reports.

The two women, who reportedly have been together for the last 18 months, were not only supposed to be caring for the victim, but also his twin brother and 7-year-old sister. The report says the children’s father is not in the picture anymore.

The case, according to the report, got on cops’ radar last month when the little boy was brought into the hospital with “terrible” lesions on his face, as well as seizures. When he was under a doctor’s care, the child reportedly confided about the abuse he’d endured. His injuries were so bad when the pair brought the victim in, the hospital staff had to fly him out. While in the hospital, he also reportedly suffered two strokes due to the trauma he’d experienced.

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Tulsa World reports that he came in with multiple broken bones in various stages of healing and was malnourished as well.

News On 6 says, according to an affidavit, “… The boy told them he’d been tied up, duct taped, locked in a room and that both women hit with a belt. It says his mother hit his hand with a hammer and his stepmom kicked him in the groin so hard he bled.”

Muskogee County District Attorney spoke out about the case and told the station, “Anytime you have child abuse or sexual abuse of a minor child, it’s always difficult because we’re dealing with such an innocent victim.”

The other children, who were reportedly not abused, are now in the care of other family members. As for the victim, reports say he’s making a slow recovery.

The mom and girlfriend are also accused of setting up a Go Fund Me page and asking the public for donations when they claimed the child fell down and they needed money to help care for him while he was in the hospital. – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – |

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  • Chunkdog1

    Wouldn’t You love too be their prison cellmates for a couple of hours?

    • ImOpining

      All the moms in prison that are missing their kids will gladly welcome these two vile women. As punching bags.

      • Carin Reddig

        I hope so.
        Sadly, I don’t think it happens as often as we would like. They protect them in prison.

  • Sandy

    And, they wanted to get paid for it?

    • ImOpining

      Hoping they can get charged for fraud for fraudulently soliciting funds over the internet.

  • Jaime Walk Eder

    My heart breaks for this poor boy. This makes me so sad. How could anyone do this to a child…any child. Not to mention your OWN child. I pray he receives the love and caring that he deserves.

  • Nicky Mobus

    I cant believe people in general are capable of such horrendous acts upon children. Yes everyone is familiar with women being deemed the ones who nurture, but quite honestly, men are just as nurturing to their children. The world has so many disgustingly cruel people in it anymore that it’s just sickening.

    • ImOpining

      Over 400 “parents” kill their kids every year.
      Disgusting and evil, isn’t it?

      • Ennui

        Exactly, human beings are disgusting creatures.

  • Carla Jones Morgan

    They need the same things done to them that they did to him plus 40 years in prison.

    • Softballumpire

      they need live in person and have there tubes tied

  • Mary Ann Brandys

    Sounds like they were abusing him because they hated the father . That poor boy, blamed for something someone else did.

    • Maria Ramos

      It’s weird though he is a twin ! And in the article it’s states the other children weren’t abused. So sad for this little angel. 😕😇

      • ImOpining

        “were not only SUPPOSED to be caring for the victim, but also his twin brother and 7-year-old sister.”
        Makes me wonder where the twin brother and sister are.

        • Maria Ramos

          It’s states with other family members who are caring for the twin and a little girl too. While the victim is in the hospital recovers. 😢

          • ImOpining

            Sorry, Maria – I wasn’t clear – haven’t had enough coffee yet! I meant it sounds as tho the other kids weren’t living with them while they were abusing the boy in the story. Maybe that’s why the other kids weren’t tortured as well. Also, where were these family members when this poor child was being tortured? I suppose we will have to wait for more info. Hopefully neither of these horrible women will be released on bail. Keep them in their until their trial in 2 to 3 years. Hope they get life in prison w/o parole.

          • Maria Ramos

            I agree with you 100% hope they don’t make bail. I couldn’t imagine the child’s suffering. I am so glad he will recover at his physical state, I am concern with the emotional state. He must have lots of mixed emotions and confusion. Hope he get psychology treatment soon and hopefully someone in the family or even his father steps up to the plate and give this boy some very well needed love and compassion! 💛😇

      • Softballumpire

        just cause they said they weren’t doesn’t mean they weren’t maybe the older kids were and just to scared to speak up none of his slibings seem to cared enough to help there own blood

        • Pinky Tipton Espinal

          Sometimes there is a family scapegoat and none of the others are abused

          • Softballumpire

            love the fact there also a women who needs to defend women to abuse people

          • ImOpining


        • Carin Reddig

          Yep. Even just seeing someone else you care about abused is a form of abuse. And probably at the time they are just thinking “Thank God it isnt me” while at the same time feeling guilty for thinking it. All these kids are going to need help.

          • ImOpining

            Poor little things.

          • Softballumpire

            we will never know that the thing kids who are used to it think it just normal. i know this is old but full house did do a bit of a story of a boy being hit by his dad and the boy thought it was very much normal. even thought it was a tv show its still a good lesson to understand

  • Alon Johnson

    Kicked him in the groin? A grown man can’t even take that. Smh.

  • Lisa Werner

    My heart hurts so much for that little baby boy. It took so much strength and survival instinct to tell those strangers what happened to him. He will need counseling, because the years he is suffering in are when the personality part of a sense of trust and positivity is established. If undermined in that stage, it can mess their head up for life.

  • Softballumpire

    see not all mothers are perfect sweet angles court…. and is that fund page up still

    • ImOpining

      Wow! Can you post the link please?

      • Softballumpire

        link for what courts are sexist?

        • ImOpining

          You posted that the Fund Page is still up.
          I asked for the link to the web site of their Go Fund Me page.
          Comprende? 🙂

          • Softballumpire

            first off i ask if it was still up and second i didn’t

  • Jenna

    Wow, one of them is actually smiling in her mug shot? What pieces of garbage these two are..

  • Kristin Pickford


  • msxmargo .

    Vile sorry excuse for human brings- now this child will have severe medical problems for the rest of his life thanks to his Mommie dearest