Jodi Arias Talks ‘Haters,’ Hugs, Books, Food In Leaked Prison Phone Call With Rapper

In a bizarre — and sometimes awkward — 15-minute phone sesh from prison, convicted murderer Jodi Arias talks to rapper Kareem “Lefty” Williams.

According to Radar Online, it all reportedly began when Arias reached out to Williams about a music video he produced that featured footage of her. (The notorious video was reportedly intended to raise awareness about PTSD and domestic violence.)

During the bizarre January 10 phone call, in which the friendly pair chatted for as long as the prison would allow, Arias sounded chipper as she described the banalities of everyday life behind bars, bemoaning that, food-wise, “nothing is very good.

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She also addressed her haters: “It’s all good. If this is what it is like to be hated, then keep hating! I’ve had so much love coming in my direction I can’t even respond to it now.”

The duo also discussed Arias’ weight (?) and their plans to meet up and share a hug (!!) at the prison now that she’s allowed to have “contact visits.” Eeek.

Listen to the weird chat below.

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  • nanci

    she is reaching out to a normal life, but when she realize the limits, she will then realize her confinement.

    • Patricia Hamilton

      This killer will never again have a “normal life”, and she has no one to blame but herself. I can’t stand even thinking how much suffering she inflicted on poor Travis, not to mention his family and friends. Frankly I’d like to see her in solitary confinement in a cell so small she can’t even turn around. I hope to God she never sees daylight again, and it’s a good thing she likes “haters” because she has a ton of them!

  • Barbara Morgan

    What happened to only phone calls between prisoners and their family members and lawyer and visits from only the same people? Sounds like anybody can visit a prisoner now days unlike visits restricted to only certain family members and the prisoner’s lawyer.

  • Dee

    Can’t stand her!!!!


    She is still the same manipulative, narcissistic sociopath. She knew that she was being recorded and she still is being insulting to victims of domestic violence by claiming to be abused when in reality she is the abuser. She is a pathological liar and the man that she is talking to would be wise to use caution when dealing with her, if he has to deal with her at all.

  • Anonymous

    This is disgusting that this rapper would waste time rapping about as phycotic manipulate killer, and how dare you use the tittle domestic violence on her..She stabbed and premadated the murder of her ex!! Yeah- how about you do a song about him, yeah him who was stab like a pig and then shot by a demon called Jodi Arias! ! This world is Sick!! RIP Travis! ! You will never be forgotten, this is still about you and not her!

    • Roseanne523

      The only reason he used the title of domestic violence concerning her is to sell the song. According to JA he should be flattered by all the hate and negative parodies popping up in the press and online that he himself seems to be bragging about. If his gloating in the negative attention he’s getting is not a clue to her that she is being used, I don’t know what is. He could give a rats patootie about ptsd or domestic violence. It’s the notoriety and attention he cares about to get his name out there.

      • Pico

        agree, it was so obvious that the dude was using her! she didnt care! as for TA, ppl say its part his fault, BS! yes, he sinned against his religion, she manipulated him to that point. he was a caring person he broke it off. he became weak again when she moved to his city. i could go on n on….she should have let him get on with his life! its hard when someone keeps coming back when all u really want is for them to get on with it and leave you alone. bless Travis, he was not perfect, didn’t deserve to die!

  • Al Kimia

    I’d love conjugal visits with her ♥

    • Lori Love71

      Get help immediately! smdh

      • Al Kimia

        What? She’s hot. She doesn’t stop being sexy and hot just because she killed someone. Besides, the guy she killed was an abusive, controlling a$$hølé whom she had had enough of. It was self defense and totally justified. She should be set free.

        • ThatRetroGirl

          She’d cut your f*cking pecker off, dumba**

          • Al Kimia

            Correction: she would try and, admittedly, that’s half the fun
            : – )


    Real justice would have been putting Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias in the same cell to see which one will outlast the other. They would be one body sharing the exact same brain. Then the rapper could title it “Me or You”…as for hating these kind of criminals, you won’t get that from me, but you won’t be loved by me either. You need to ask God for that………

    • gary smith

      Casey anthony was never convicted..she was found not guilty by a jury of her peers…

      • Laura Vickers

        And why I will never understand. She is guilty as O.J.!!


        Hi Gary: That’s why I said, would have been………

  • dbbm

    what a narcissist,sociopath,and SO FAKE,i hate her voice =so into her her own self ….siiigh, she talks of love and HAS NO IDEA what love is,, b/c she is a freaking
    sociopath in the 10th degree

  • DB100

    I get she’s cold blooded but is her case worthy of such media hate/attention?The woman who put her kids in the freezer gets less hate than her.

  • Just read the 5 signs of a psychopath and you will see all these people including a great many in the music and acting industry. They reel you in and plot your demise all while smiling at you.

  • San Sunmijf

    that control freak she was with messed with her head yntil she snapped and almost too his off. he deserved whatever he got. You people here can’t see the whole picture. I personally would love to meet her and Im a woman but I would have a relationship with her. She just wanted to be loved .

    • Lori Love71

      And you also are in need of some intensive mental help here. Lord have mercy at the lost souls that post such sadness. They need help God.

  • Sasha Parker

    This article lost me at the word sesh. 😒

  • Max Vincent

    If you’re reading this, Jodi–Kiss my butt.

  • Elaine Whiteside

    What a psychopath.

  • ThatRetroGirl

    She’s so full of crap, trying to talk her life up from behind bars 😩

    • ThatRetroGirl

      Talking to this daf rapper 😂

  • ThatRetroGirl

    Breakfastses? Lmao she tries sooo hard to sound so knowledgeable and is so fake and then says “breakfastses” 😂😂😂😂