Did An Infamous Serial Killer Murder Teresa Halbach And Frame Steven Avery?


The Netflix docuseries “Making A Murderer” raised serious questions about the case against Steven Avery, the Wisconsin man who, along with his teenage nephew, was convicted of murdering Teresa Halbach in 2005.

One question viewers have been stewing over for weeks is the obvious — if Avery and Dassey didn’t kill the 25-year-old AutoTrader photographer as the prosecution contends, who did? Everyone from Halbach’s ex-boyfriend to Avery’s brothers to Dassey’s step-dad have been discussed as possible alternative suspects, but the most bizarre theory we’ve heard yet involves a notorious serial killer who one investigator says liked to frame other people for his crimes.

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edward wayne edwards

Edward Wayne Edwards

John Cameron, a former cop and FBI cold case worker who has appeared on “America’s Most Wanted,” believes serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards (pictured left) murdered Halbach and then framed Avery for the crime. Edwards, who was once on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list, died in prison in 2011, shortly after he was convicted and given the death penalty for the 1996 killing of Danny Boy Edwards in Ohio, one of five murders Edwards was actually convicted of.

However, Cameron believes he is actually responsible for hundreds of murders, including JonBenet Ramsey, Chandra Levy, Laci Peterson, the Zodiac Killer murders, and Adam Walsh, the son of “America’s Most Wanted” host John Walsh. A few days ago, Cameron added Teresa Halbach to the list, posting “EDWARDS IS THE KILLER OF TERESA HALBACH AND SET-UP OF STEVEN AVERY AND BRENDAN DASSEY” as a headline on his website.

In an interview with Coast to Coast AM in 2014, Cameron described how killing was only part of Edwards’ objective, as framing someone else for the crime and watching them suffer for his misdeeds gave him an additional thrill.

It was always about the setup,” said Cameron. “Starting a very young age, when he was 12 years old, he was able to set up a guy for a murder he had done. And the rest of his life he would get off on not only killing people but then setting up someone close to the victim and then watching the system execute them.”

According to Cameron, Edwards moved around a lot, assuming a new identity and posing as a trusted figure, like a cop or a preacher, before killing someone. Then he would target a person in the victim’s inner circle and set them up to take the fall, including tipping off the press to that person’s “guilt.” Then Edwards would kick back and watch as the media, the local community and, of course, law enforcement finished the job. One case Cameron described occurred in Berkeley, California, in the mid-’50s, Cameron claims that Edwards stowed away the victim’s body for three months while he worked to frame another man for the murder, planting the victim’s belongings in the man’s house and eventually depositing the body in a cabin before tipping off authorities. The man Edwards allegedly framed was convicted and executed. 

So, what makes Cameron think Edwards killed Teresa Halbach and framed Steven Avery? For starters, according to Cameron, Edwards, who would have been 72 at the time, was allegedly living just an hour away from Manitowoc, Wisconsin, where Avery lived and Halbach’s remains were found. Edwards also committed many of his crimes on Halloween, and Halbach was last seen on the Avery property on October 31, 2005. Lastly, Edwards would sometimes show up to the courthouse and actually watch the trial of the person he framed … and according to Cameron, Edwards was spotted at Avery’s trial, and can actually be seen in the background of one scene in “Making A Murderer.”

On his website, Cameron lays out an extensive timeline for all of the crimes he alleges Edwards is responsible for, and he’s written a book, It’s Me, Edward Wayne Edwards: The Serial Killer You Never Heard Of, on the subject. Cameron’s work with the FBI certainly lends him some credibility, at the same time, it’s hard not to think this theory is just too outlandish to be true. But given how many murders Cameron says Edwards has been able to get away with, we’ll probably never know.

Want to learn more about the Steven Avery case? Investigation Discovery is partnering with NBC News’ Keith Morrison to re-examine the evidence. STEVEN AVERY: INNOCENT OR GUILTY premieres Saturday, January 30 at 9/8c. The Front Page special will provide insight into unanswered questions from the Netflix series MAKING A MURDERER.

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  • Elliott Lanosa

    To me this is just an example of how this coward can manipulate all those around him. This whole thing has gotten way too much publicity and those who are backing this murderer should be ashamed of themselves for being taken in and or for seeking their seconds of fame. He killed along with his partner and there is just no other explanation. No evidence was planted, nobody lied except the perp and he is as dangerous today as he was the day he murdered this young woman. Come on now. Your ratings aren’t going to soar because you are doing a show on this very sad event, Im not going to watch it, I wouldn’t insult this young woman or her family by doing that. Enough of the exploitation.

    • Tammy Scott-Rodriguez

      Someone obviously planted evidence because there was no crime seen found at the avery place were is all the blood? You are quick to judge. Hope you never have to defend yourself for something you didnt do

      • Elliott Lanosa

        Are you related to this creep? He is guilty, no doubt about it. I am sorry that you don’t agree as you too have been taken in by this con, but this is America and we are all entitled to our opinions.

        • DDawn77

          What proof do you have that he is guilty without a doubt Elliott? Please do share because you would be the first in the history of this case to do that…

          • Elliott Lanosa

            You make absolutely NO sense here. I am sorry for your lack of education.

          • DDawn77

            What exactly made no sense? All I said is present the proof you have that proves his guilt without a doubt.. I mean you do speak English as your first language right? I wasn’t being nasty I was just saying if you can prove his guilt without a reasonable doubt you would be the first to do so.. LOL

          • Zen999the .

            I am educated. I could think of no answer for the lack of the victim’s DNA on her car key, but Avery’s. The key mysteriously found by the cops on their THIRD visit. The cops who were not supposed to have anything to do with the investigation. And the one who found the key was the same one who had checked out the tube of blood with the mysterious hole in the top of the tube. Any of these would cause doubt in my mind. I suggest you are the uneducated person.

          • Aaron Sewell

            I think the key was “found” on the SEVENTH search, but still by cops who had an obvious direct conflict of interest to ruin Avery’s credibility. They only paid a measly $400,000 of the $36,000,000 suit against them.

          • hahaha

            you a big dumb dumb

        • Zen999the .

          Do you think it was 100% kosher to have key evidence “found” by officers who were named in a 36 million dollar lawsuit and were told to not have any part in the investigation? A reasonable judge would have thrown all this “evidence” out.

          • Elliott Lanosa

            I think that it will all come out in the end. If I were to rely only on the Netflix docu, then I would not be getting the full picture. There are many sides to this story and I choose to explore all the sides, even the ones that Netflix chose not to explore.

          • Lol@Elliot

            Elliot, all I have seen you post are insults and ignorant comments about how you chose not to believe Netflix. Assuming since you’re “not following Netflix”, you’ve read the thousands of documents that are currently public and still being released? You’ve listened to every interrogation, read every transcript, went through all of the evidence, read and studied the testimonies of everyone versus what their initial statements were? I bet you haven’t spent more than 20 minutes looking into any of this. You probably watched Nancy Grace screaming her head off and in your mind “Netflix” is to blame. Lol It does not take a genius to read through all of these public documents to see that something is not right here.

            Scott Tadych gave 3 statements at three different dates and every single one of them changed.
            Pam, the one who ever so conveniently “found the Rav4”, admitted in police reports that she or her daughter covered their hands with their shirt to open the doors before calling police. A later time, the story switched to “using a tissue”. On the phone call to police, she asked if she could try opening the door. On the stand, she declined trying to get in. Why so many stories there? Explain it.

            The supposed remains of Hallbach had barely any tissue left on them to test for DNA. As a matter of fact, if you look at the physical reports of this, it claims they had identified that the remains with “7 loci”. If you look up FBI files, it takes 13 loci to accurately identify remains. You care to explain that one?

            How about explaining why Hallbachs death certificate claims her DOD is 11-10, when legally you must confirm without a reasonable doubt, via DNA the remains belong to someone before you can even sign off on a death certificate. They didn’t even get the DNA back on the burnt remains of Hallbach until December of that year. You want to explain that one too, Elliot?

            Need I continue? I’m still reading documents from this case and have taken this way beyond what the show includes. Clearly you spent 30 minutes watching Nancy Grace and think you’re clever by sitting around and insulting people because they don’t agree with you. Time to grow up and do some research.

            There is nothing wrong with someone having an opposing opinion and having a debate, but bashing someone by calling them uneducated and everything else you’re doing, just makes you look like a moron.

          • T_Cantu

            I didn’t even finish the documentary…it sparked interest but raised more questions.

            So I did my own digging as well. I even did a timeline of the evening, using mostly documented phone evidence. I read all four Dassey interrogation transcripts and am currently reading the transcripts from the Avery trial. The more I read, the more I believe they are innocent, especially Dassey.

            Frankly, the timeline suggests it wasn’t even possible. I mean in the middle of all this raping and cutting and moving and shooting and moving again and burning, they are taking documented phone calls on separate land lines? Plus they have time to do an expert cleaning job – while leaving dust, junk and deer blood…including cleaning the fur lined hand and leg cuffs but don’t dispose of them, or the mattress, or the sheets… and burn her body in a an open air fire pit that leaves the bones in a condition comparable to about two hours in a crematorium? All of this in 3 or 4 hours?

            The few pieces of evidence against Avery are all oddly placed…every single one…and very little original documentation exists. That is really very rare for any fairly competent murder investigation.

            WI has a state statute that requires the county coroner to examine the scene, which includes taking photos and observation notes. TV is not real life, but in this case it’s a practice that is SOP (standard operating procedure). Generally this is done to preserve the case. Katz had someone, I believe John Ertl, on the stand parroting the notion that a perp will intentionally destroy a crime scene. Yet it was that same witness that testified that all three sites (the trailer, the garage and the fire pit) had been “contaminated” by other officers by the time he was taken to them. Based on Katz’ own words, that would potentially be the perps destroying the evidence, right? As I was saying, instead, the county coroner was actively blocked from the site. The lawsuit Avery had against the county was the reason given. Someone that was not even deposed in the suit and had nothing to lose; but, a couple of officers that have been deposed and do have something to lose, are on site and find most of the physical evidence? Sure.

            And poor Mr Ertl, the forensic scientist. The county coroner would have taken charge and decided what she thought was important, and instead they lead Mr Ertl around like a puppy after parking by the car crusher, then proceeding to the pit, then over the meadow and thru the woods (couldn’t help myself there) to the pond and finally the Jeep, which was locked, so except for the Jeep, they wasted a lot of time looking at nothing that had to do with the final version of the prosecution’s case.

            He was there a few days, and he was eventually taken to the fire pit, the trailer and the garage; but, why the stall? One thing is for sure…if Steven Avery was framed, it was by someone that wanted to make sure it was with the same thing he was released with: DNA evidence. Though even it is mostly questionable. There is a gun, a bullet, Teresa’s DNA. Without the blood on the bullet, there is actually greater evidence a larger caliber was used. The key DNA, minus the owner’s. The bit of flesh on the bone that maybe matched TH’s DNA.

            If you believe a site is a crime scene, officers can carefully walk around searching for additional evidence, but leave the hot areas to the coroner…to document…for court, etc. But the testimony shows that didn’t happen.

            I could go on and on, but instead of focusing on the few pieces of questionable evidence, start looking at what is missing. Also consider that the body was burned and all of the supposed sites of interest were contaminated before any documenting took place. It’s like there was a deliberate effort to make sure the evidence could never be revisited. Also look at motive. People have been convicted because they stood to gain from an insurance policy. Since the insurance company was not going to have to pay out due to negligence, Lenk and Colburn stood to personally lose. What do we always hear: follow the money?

        • Zen999the .

          Well, 160,000 have signed petitions to have these two men freed. He certainly can’t have that many relatives. BTW, did you read where one of the jurors thought that guilt had not been proven, but voted guilty because he was scared that he too would be framed for something?

        • Susan

          Elliott, are you related to anyone living in Manitowoc County? Maybe, someone who is caught up in this tangled web of deceit…you seem fast to throw big stones and degrade anyone who may feel this was a witch hunt. You sound like you have a dog in this fight…imagine that.

        • Jerry

          Answer me how it is possible a dirty low class creep and his handicapped nephew could have cleaned up his home and garage after supposidely brutally killing Teresa and not leave one speck of blood or hair either place. Also days later her car keys magically appear in the bedroom after police had already searched it thoroughly. Also police investigators while questioning Branden told him if he gave them a story about her murder he could go back to class. So Branden makes up story based on book kiss the girls in full detail.

      • Michael Gaull

        I thought the documentary was great but i also thought avery was guilty. Lets be honest he was still kind of a creep the girl at auto trader told her boss she didnt want to go back there.. he had purchased shackles and the most daming testimony was from the other nephew who said he seen her walking towards steven averys trailer and when he left 15 minutes later her car was there but she was not.

        • T_Cantu

          I’m not sure that is true. From what I’ve read, the story of Teresa not wanting to go to the Avery place was introduced by Katz. He also indicated Avery lured her there. Yet I’m also reading the Auto Trader employee didn’t say that and instead spoke of the places Teresa was to go that day and that Teresa was getting calls she didn’t want to get.

          Also, Brendan Dassey is a tainted witness. He started out as Steven Avery’s alibi and ended up in prison too. His several interrogations ranging from February to May elicit statements that gradually become more and more damning…BUT, were they true? More often than not, the interrogator is the one introducing information first. They basically said to say what they said and once he did that, he could go. Is it not evident he believed that when after “confessing” to rape, cutting TH’s throat, cutting off her hair, dragging her to the garage to be shot and finally dragging her to be burnt whilst they either celebrated over her leaping flames like Lords of the Flies or cleaning up in expert fashion except for the jeep (which they carelessly made even more obvious by it’s awkward coverings and missing license plate), he then asked if he would make a specific class, as he had a project?

          Seriously…if you had confessed those things to law enforcement, would you expect to be able to go back to school? Yeah, me neither. This alone should overturn the conviction. This kids rights were blatantly violated.

          The state told one thing to the press, another at the Avery trial (because his lawyers were better), and back to the Brendan version at Brendan’s trial.

          If Brendan isn’t guilty, he goes back to being his uncle’s alibi. According to his first interrogation, that started like an interview, he came home, played video games and Steven called later and asked Brendan if he was coming over for the bonfire. Note: this was worded as if family members knew it was taking place, so wasn’t in REACTION to anything, especially not a killing. Keep in mind that it was Halloween.

          One thing that does strike me regarding Kayla Avery’s testimony and this article is the possibility that Brendan did actually see toes in the fire. It is the one part of his confession that is just more truthful seeming, despite how that sounds. I can see him sharing that information with Kayla.

          In the innocent version, the bonfire was much later in the evening. Teresa would likely already be dead by then if her cell phone records are a good indication. It was possibly already for a few hours by the time Steven and Brendan had started a fire and continued driving around on a gulf cart looking for spare items to throw in. After all, hauling in cars from wrecks, etc., can be quite messy.

          What if by that time Teresa had already been killed by this Edward James Edwards. He was around 70, so he would have had to act in need. Teresa was the type of girl who would have stopped to help, thinking he looked helpless. According to this retired FBI agent, half the thrill to EJE was the kill and the other half was in watching the wrong person be punished for what he had done. That and due to his age, she wouldn’t have been raped. Then she was transported to the Avery place in the back of her vehicle. Whether she was alive then or not, her head was bleeding. She was possibly shot at the quarry and then burned, or burned in the smelter. When he sees Steven and Brendan riding around the property, he moves in unnoticed, with the burn barrel, and dumps her bones in the bonfire near Steven’s place. They come back and dump more on the fire and Brendan gets a look at what appears to be toes. But the fire grows and everything goes back to normal.

          If EWE had time to scrounge around, he might have even found some of Avery’s blood and a handkerchief with some phlegm on it in the garage, where Brendan says his uncle and he were working on a car and recalls Steven cutting his hand. He collects some blood and plants it in the vehicle and he takes the handkerchief and wipes the hood latch. He wraps the key in the handkerchief. He either plants the key at some point or mails it to the sheriff’s office and they plant it in the house. It could also be possible that he wiped the key down and left it in the vehicle and either Lenk or Colborn moves it to make a stronger case against Avery.

          Even if Brendan did not see toes, it helps explain how the tires and bones could have been intermingled.

          I also believe the bus driver. She actually puts dropping off the kids that day at about 3:45. She is an impartial witness, but she is also subject to error. I do think a bus driver is aware of the time frame a bus usually arrives at specific locations. I wonder if the notion of it being Halloween that night has been fully considered though? We are talking about WI in fall. It gets dark pretty early there. Parents of younger children like to get the trick or treating done fairly early. At some schools, they let out a little early on Halloween to allow time to get in costume and trick or treat at early evening and dusk rather than full on dark. I wonder if that was the case and the bus driver has forgotten that?

          If the bus driver dropped the Dasseys off at about 2:45, then that matches closely to the time Teresa should have been there since she spoke to Auto Trader around 2:27 or so, and she was heading to Avery’s…about 10 minutes away. The bus driver could indeed have seen her taking pictures of a van at 2:45. If that was the case, she says the woman was gone when she came back an hour later. It also means Teresa would have had just enough time to go to the door and drop off the invoice and be gone, which matches family member statements, including Steven and Brendan. Then she drives out the way she drove in, into a web…not realizing an old spider was still a dangerous one.

          Once the police planted one piece of “evidence,” I think planting the bullet would have been easy. Either it was in the vehicle, mailed to one of them or actually placed by EWE at the scene.

          EWE apparently wanted to be famous, and here was a guy that turned out not to be guilty of a crime he went to prison for 18 years for, out and getting all this attention and possibly a big payout, thinking he was going to have it good from now on…
          …what good sport.

          Yeah…I can see how it could happen with a guy like Edward Wayne Edwards in the area.

          • Aliciya

            Here’s a bit of info about Teresa not wanting to go to the Avery’s (the trial documents are now all online and I just looked into this). 2 employees from Autotrader as well as 2 friends gave statements that Teresa had specifically talked to them about Avery and his strange behavior, stating she didn’t feel comfortable going there again. Allegedly she either had, or was about to, give AutoTrader her 2 weeks notice, and had been accepting less and less jobs with them, as her side business was starting to do well. She specifically stated she did not want to go back to Avery’s but was asked to do it none the less.

          • SteveO

            You’ve obviously put a lot of thought into this and I agree with a lot of what you say. Where I differ with you is in the planting of evidence. I think this murder was a Godsend to the MPD. They wanted this so badly to be Steve Avery that they were prepared to bend any and every rule in the book to make their case stick. How easy was it for them to drop the key in his house? How easy for them to get hold of blood from him to smear inside the vehicle? Too easy obviously. What I am really shocked by is a) How much of the events after the murder are on film and b) How absolutely unashamedly the various Judges and prosecuting investigators and go about perverting the course of justice (especially regarding poor Brendan) on camera! Are they THAT arrogant or do they really believe that the ends justify ANY means? Just a truly shocking and nightmarishly disturbing case. I used to live in the States after watching this I’m kind of glad I no longer do.

        • Charles H

          Mr. Zipperer became belligerent when asked about Theresa Hallbach and lied about having seen her on the day she died. Mrs. Zipperer says she greeted her on her property but never saw her leave……..Mr Zipperer even stated he would shoot the next trespasser on his property. Look at the police reports……..Manitowoc Sheriff’s department fumbled this thing from the beginning and the Kratz press conference convinced everyone Avery was guilty before trial. I hate people that think because you come off as a creep, that means you’re a murderer……..it all relays to ones perception. I’m sure you wouldn’t know but i bet at sometime in your life some random girl called you creepy. So who did you kill in your lifetime?? See how this makes no sense……….

        • Marlene Adamson

          I think Bobby Dassey did it. Who takes a shower before going hunting? I don’t bathe before I go kyacking, surfing, biking or any other physical activity. After all he did notice her when he looked out the window. I also believe that it was done in cahoots with his now stepdad Scott Tadych and that they let the brother Brenden Dassey take the fall for it because he was learning challenged. I don’t think that they did it on the premises though. I think that they drove her body back and then planted all the evidence to put the blame on Steven and Brenden.
          I also think that Brenden’s mom is an idiot! She only advised her son to tell the truth and then whih is goog but then all that ever seem to come out of her mouth “huh!”
          Again, I just hope that they are released before Steven’s parents pass away…

      • Marlene Adamson

        I agree, there’s no blood splatter…

    • Kevin Patrick Maher

      Elliott, I hope you never sit on a jury! You are a misguided idiot, you must be from Wisconsin!

      • Elliott Lanosa

        Please don’t show your lack of intelligence by calling names. I am simply stating my own opinion. Yes I have sat on a couple of juries, I also work in the Legal Field. But for you to call names here when in fact this is America (maybe you are a migrant), free speech is part of your rights here. Maybe you should go back to school and take a lesson in free speech and in how to debate. Your lack of any intelligent comments shows that I am not the “idiot” here.

        • Brooke Linn

          You are calling names left and right, Elliott! This statement only further explicates your inability to converse in an adult manner. What does being a migrant have to do with being able to speak freely and have respectful conversations? I consider that an ignorant statement. You tell Kevin in one breathe to stop calling names, and in the same reply basically call him an idiot. Hypocrite much?

          • Elliott Lanosa

            Brooke I have not called names at all. You clearly don’t want to allow others to have their opinions. This is not here to just serve those who are like minded. This is a debate and you can’t have a debate without differences of opinion.

        • Kevin Patrick Maher

          Only an IDIOT Elliot would state a fact that they have no idea true or not, I am educated and you are still an IDIOT!!!!!

          • Elliott Lanosa

            Kevin, Perhaps you should comment only if you have something to say. I feel sorry for people like you.

          • Kevin Patrick Maher

            Don’t feel sorry for me Elliot, you do get to have an opinion, which in my opinion and many others is just ignorant! You would go in with a preconceived notion, and convict, and that is ignorant, that is how he spent the first 18 years in prison. You are right, I would not trust all Netflix showed, but I do have many Questions about how this so called impartial investigation was handled. One thing I am good at is body language, and the Sargent and lieutenant were absolutely lying about some of the evidence. So yes, I doubt most of the evidence on both of these men. It is not against the law to be mentally challenged, a 70 is on the verge of being retarded, and perfect for a few bad people (maybe not intentionally) to make evidence appear! I have a question, your so smart, where is the blood evidence in the house or garage, Dassey was convicted on his confession. come on, I called you that for being close minded, you didn’t look at all the evidence and the world isn’t flat!!!!

        • etherspin

          Where is the DNA evidence from Teresa besides the bullet in the adulterated and technically invalid test that rendered it untestable in future ? Where is the DNA evidence of Avery besides in the car which is in a rolling cotton swab smear pattern and relied upon a cooked up EDTA test,something that hadn’t been allowed in a court as admissible for a decade prior and hasn’t been used again since ? Why not crush the car to make it unrecognisable, why not use industrial incinerator on the remains ? Why did the key have zero DNA from Halbach and why did someone with the genius level knowledge of forensics needed to remove all Halbach DNA from mattress, bedding,room,clothes,garage etc think it would be a good idea to keep the car key in his bedroom ?

      • Charles H

        I take offense to that……i’m from Wisconsin and happen to believe Avery is innocent so please don’t lump me in with this moron’s comments. Generally speaking, us Wisconsinites are good people…….they’re just not always as sharp up north.

        • Kevin Patrick Maher

          Sorry Charles, but this Elliot idiot got my hackles up, sorry to anyone from Wisconsin that took offence, except the prosecutor, and jury, Stupid, evil people, you too Elliot!!!!!

    • Brooke Linn

      If you admittedly haven’t watched it, how do you know without a doubt he is guilty? Do you even understand what the controversy is about? Many of us are not saying he is not-guilty without a doubt, we are privy to the fact that our justice system failed to give him a fair and unbiased trial. How do you feel about fair trials? Because that was the real injustice here, whether guilty or not, everyone is entitled to a fair trial and the documentary details the failure to give him the fair trial he is entitled to. Ashamed of ourselves? Really? Is it shameful to want a fair and equal justice system for all? In my humble opinion, it is much more shameful to judge those who simply have a different perspective on the way this case was handled.

      • Elliott Lanosa

        I am not a sheep and to seriously take a documentary as Fact is really not very smart. I am sorry you don’t see how the Justice System “really” works. Shameful are those who believe everything they read and see. I am sorry for you that you spout all about the Justice System and fail to recognize Free Speech here. Go back to school, don’t be a sheep and really take a hard look at yourself before you try to push your agenda. I have sat on many juries, I work in the Legal Field, I have done work with trying to save those on death row, so I am not without much experience. I am not an “arm chair” lawyer. So please don’t spout on about this and trying to be right. Don’t be a sheep or that rat running around in a maze.

        • Brooke Linn

          Elliott Lanosa, I have no time for your abusive name calling. Go back to school? Really? What do you know about me? Not a damn thing. I am highly educated and I don’t need your approval to speak my mind. I took offense to you saying those of us talking about this should be ashamed for not believing what you believe. That’s an ignorant statement. Sounds like you are the one pushing an agenda with your rude and attacking replies. Stop slinging mud and calling people sheep. I have every right to speak my opinion. Maybe I think you are a sheep, I’m just too respectful of a person to speak to others in that manner. It’s very indicative of your inability to have an adult discussion with another human being…Your comments are abusive and show ignorance in communicating respectfully with other people. I did not call you names, I did not attack your education – I don’t have an agenda other than exercising my right to speak my own opinions. No need to reply. I don’t have time to speak with those who only want to call names… I will, however, gladly engage in respectful adult discussions. Have a nice day.

        • Zen999the .

          lol. Hypocritical pseudo-intellectual calling folks sheep and rats, who are disagreeing with him, while berating them for calling him an idiot.

        • Kellen Reilly McFarland

          Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but you are not smart if you don’t have the same opinion as mine. — Your “logic”

          You are the one who needs to go back to school as you are using words you clearly don’t understand (logic, work, guilty, opinion, education, migrant, idiot, intelligence) and capitalizing the wrong ones (Free Speech, Legal Field, Justice System), like a 4th grader. I mean, geez, you could at least attempt to sound smart when making a comment.

          It’s okay to think that Avery is guilty and I respect those that have that opinion. What I don’t respect is a mentally-handicapped, racist 12-year-old thinking they are above everyone when in fact they are so mind-blowingly stupid it hurts.

          If I were you, I would get off the internet before Mommy comes home and grounds you for escaping the basement again.

    • Daniel

      why is it then that anyone with the slightest intelligence who was in process of receiving a large some of money possibly even $36 million from a law suit decide to and be dumb enough to murder someone on his own property leaving a car few feet from a car crusher he could have destroyed the car also use the car to transport a body 100 ft or so if that leaving blood stains also why is it the only evidence so called evidence was found after the fact buy officers who were a part of said law suit for falsely convicting the man before they are the ones and only ones who found the so called evidence that everyone else supposedly missed during prior searches the list goes on an on an on to show more reasons to prove reasonable doubt then to show 100 % guilt Elliot you call yourself an intelligent man and as such I noticed all these personal attacks and arrogant comments you’ve used at all these people just trying to have a simple discussion about the events but your the one using personal attacks and antomosity towards others which is more along the lines of a simple minded
      person then a educated peron

      • Zen999the .

        And the car was found in twenty minutes! What luck!

      • Zalamnov Zipnitiopshov

        according to the dassey confession, they put her body in the rav4 to transport her to a pond. but it was dried up and they drove her back to burn her.

      • Aliciya

        “why is it then that anyone with the slightest intelligence….” I’m going to stop you there. Avery is not intelligent. He had a learning disability, he had an incredibly low IQ, and was essentially barely functioning. I’m not saying he murdered her. I believe he could have, but I also believe there was WAY too much reasonable doubt and therefore he should not be in prison. However, if Avery had a mental illness (which if you murder someone, you most likely do have severe mental issues), the “why would he do X if he was going to get Y” can basically get thrown out the window. He was most likely acting impulsively, especially since he had many prior chances to do the same thing to Teresa before. If he did do this, it shows that he obviously was not thinking properly, exactly because of the argument you made above. Someone who would write letters from JAIL stating he wanted to murder his ex wife (when those letters could be easily intercepted and keep him in jail longer), is not intelligent.

  • Sandy C

    the very least brendon needs a new trial.

    • Nancy

      I couldn’t agree more.

    • WilhelmtheSad


  • Doris Casey

    i doubt this very much — so he burned her 20 ft from Stevens door – and took her car and parked it in the back of the lot – with stuf piled on top ,, lol hardly –after Steven called & lured her out there

    • Kevin Patrick Maher

      So Doris, do you have information that we do not? What do you mean by “called her and lured her out”? How do you know that is what happened? Just curious.

  • Tammy Holmstrom

    I totally agree I was willing to buy it until Laci Peterson’s name came up on the list. IDK about JonBenet but you are probably right. I think it was her mother. The guilt ate away at her till she died of cancer.

    • Melissa

      are you saying you get cancer by guilt? Perhaps you should get to the lab and let the scientists know.

      • Aaron Sewell

        Extreme stress often leads to a compromised immune system. People with compromised immune systems often get sick. Cancer is one of those sicknesses. It is plausible that the stress of killing your own child, or knowing who did and lying about it, could lead to this.

    • Diana Rosalind Trimble

      It is really horrible and ugly to me the way some people continue to blame the Ramsey parents for Jon-Benet’s murder after it was definitively proven not to be the case. Guilt doesn’t cause cancer and blaming cancer-victims for bad thoughts or feelings which cause their own illness is grotesque. It’s like the people who won’t leave Amanda Knox alone – read the evidence for heaven’s sakes.

  • Marcko Polo

    this is all hokey stuff from late night “crack pot radio shows”. the same kind of shows that say UFO’s suck the juice out of power lines….. what they want is what we are doing right here and now…. to anger people into replies….

  • Brandy Gallegos

    They found who killed Adam Walsh and it wasn’t Edwards , it was the serial killer Ottis Tools. Jon Benet was her parents, and Laci Peterson was her husband (my opinion on the last 2) but Avery didn’t do it.

    • Christine Marlow

      It was proven that Jon Benet Ramsey’s parents did not kill her. I think it turned out to be someone who worked for the family

      • Kevin Patrick Maher

        Really Christine, didn’t think they caught the killer of Jon Benet? Her murder is still unsolved!

        • Christine Marlow

          OK I just rechecked Her parents were cleared of any wrong doing from DNA technology that didn’t exist in 1996 and there were some guy who confessed to killing her but he lied about it he didn’t kill her. It is still unsolved.

          • Aliciya

            Over the past several years investigators / police involved closely in the case have done some pretty in-depth interviews. Nearly everyone who was part of it (and have access to evidence that was not, and still has not been, publicly released) generally believe it was a family member who did it. There’s just too many oddities about the murder that point to back to the family. This isn’t going to come out correctly (it feels weird even saying this) but if it was going to happen it’s too bad it didn’t happen more recently. With all the technology we have now it would be MUCH easier to figure out via DNA methods who did it. I’ve done a ton of research into the case and strongly believe it was the mother. Her handwriting matches the ransom note, a very odd word was used in the note that she had used writing a family newsletter shortly before, etc. This wasn’t an outside job, and absolutely nothing indicates that it was. It’s pretty telling when former officers involved in the case express frustration about the parent’s being cleared too quickly. There were some major screwups at the crime scene that ruined so much.

          • rob

            are you talking about Jon Bonet? i saw one investigation on tv where someone said it was a prowler type person that came in thru the basement..it looked convincing, moreso than a family member

    • jeff gaspy

      Scott did kill Lacy and that’s rather obvious.

    • Jason Black

      Ottis Toole’s confession is weak and full of inconsistencies and errors. Toole, like his “buddy” Henry Lee Lucas, was used to clear cases off the books. The best theory going so far is the Jeffery Dahmer killed Adam. He was living something like fifteen miles from the Sears where Adam was taken, he fits the description given by eyewitnesses, and he had access, through his job, to a blue van.

    • Incorrect about Toole. While Toole and Lucas were most definitely serial killers, they confessed to MANY killings that they didn’t commit (turned out later).

      Toole claims to have taken Walsh, but changed his stories so often, retracting statements, making new ones, retracting them, that the police weren’t willing to solve murders based on the word of Toole.

      So no, it is not proven that Walsh was taken by Toole.

    • Marlene Adamson

      As the FBI man said, Edwards gets off on framing others!!
      Although I agee Steven Avery and his nephew Brenden Dassey are innocent.
      Nothing would make me happier than to see them released with today’s advanced tecnology…
      The Wisconsin judicial system is wacked!!!

  • Theresa

    But how did Avery’s blood get planted in Teresa’s car? I don’t think getting his sweat DNA would be hard to put under the hood of the car, if an old shirt or coat were rubbed there. Would that transfer the DNA there?

    • etherspin

      Google the cotton swab smear pattern, a cotton swab rolled from right to left leaves the same fluid pattern as that blood on the dash. Sweat doesn’t contain DNA BTW.

  • kool8

    Edward Wayne Edwards. Thats one diabolical dude. Glad he is gone. What misery he has wrought. Pure evil.

  • jeff gaspy

    Woody Harralson- I mean this Eddy Edwards guy is a messed up theory from the defense.