5 Terrifying Nannies Who Will Make You Think Twice About The Help You Hired

You hire nannies to help take care of your kids — not plot to kill, maim, or feed poop to them, right? You’d hope so, but this batch of truly terrible nannies apparently missed that memo. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Upper West Side Nanny Kills 2 Of Her Charges Before Trying To Kill Herself

yoselyn ortega
This one was before CrimeFeed’s time, but it gripped the country with its unique breed of horror. Back in 2012, Yoselyn Ortega, who was 50 at the time, killed Lucia and Leo Krim, ages 6 and 2 respectively, in a  NYC bathroom while their mom was out picking up her other child from a swim lesson.

It was a gruesome crime — Ortega stabbed the two children and then tried to slit her own throat (she survived). She reportedly stated that Lucia tried to fight back, to no avail.

In 2014, the New York Times reported that Ortega had apologized for her actions, saying, “Oh my God, I’m sorry…Relieve me of my misery.” Her exact motives for the killings are unclear, but the Times reported that she was having financial trouble and may have been resentful at the Krim family for overworking her. She also suffered from mental delusions, according to her lawyer.

Babysitter Forces 3-Year-Old To Eat Poop As Punishment


No. Just … no. This Tempe, Ariz., nanny was busted for child abuse after allegedly making her 3-year-old charge eat her own poop. Yep, you read that right. Nicole Renee Candelaria, 27, allegedly forced her live-in paramour’s daughter to eat excrement after the child accidentally went to the bathroom in the tub.

Candelaria was busted after the little girl’s siblings told their mom about the awful incident. When she was taken to the hospital, the kiddo was also spotted with bruising on her sides, legs, and back.

Babysitter Allegedly Sets House on Fire To Get Revenge on ‘Disrespectful’ Tweens


In 2014, babysitter Martha Dreher was accused of trying to burn down the house her tween charges lived in. Why? Revenge for them being brats … or something. She claimed she didn’t set the fire, but security footage revealed otherwise, showing the woman strolling into the empty house and leaving 20 minutes later with the girls’ bedrooms up in flames.

She later pleaded not guilty, but did admit she felt the girls she worked with had been “disrespectful” toward her, so she apparently wanted to show them a thing or two.

Babysitter Accused Of Abducting Toddler, Shaving Her Head, Burning Her and Dumping Her On Side Of Road

abigail hanna

This was one of the weirder stories CrimeFeed has come across lately, which is saying a lot. Back in November, a 21-year-old Massachusetts-based babysitter was busted for allegedly abducting a 2-year-old girl she’d previously taken care of — before being fired, that is.

After being let go, Abigail Hanna reportedly broke into the child’s house, kidnapped the tot while she was sleeping, and took the little girl on a hell ride. The 2-year-old was found by Good Samaritans on the side of the road a few hours later — naked and bruised, with her head inexplicably shaved and with cigarette burns on her body.

Nanny Accused Of Leaving Babies In Blazing Hot Minivan To Go Tanning


When you’ve gotta tan, you’ve gotta tan? At least that’s how it went for Portland, Oregon’s Kristin Marie Jones, who was arrested in 2014 after allegedly leaving her toddler and infant charges locked inside her blazing-hot Dodge Caravan with the windows up. All so she could pay a visit to Sunblaze Tanning Salon, of course.

Hey, priorities.

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  • Lily

    They all look like relatively normal ppl too. This is why I ask family to babysit,they’re weird but harmless,lol.. 😁

    • Jeannie Strickland

      yep family 🙂 my grand kids are on.y watched by family they do not have outside babysitters and do not go to daycare.. you just can’t take those kinds of chances these days. I love to get the extra time with my grand babies 😀 .. I have 5 so far and they are my world!! If someone ever did something like these things to them … omg….

    • Palmina D’Alessandro

      Have you ladies ever thought that maybe all these crazy lunatic monsters HAVE families that think they are “okay”? But that’s okay, because it’s just a little bit of Schizophrenia. (undiagnosed) . right?

      • Lily

        You make a good point.I know my family well enough to know for a fact they would never hurt my child.I don’t do strangers watching my child only family & this is one of the many reasons why.

    • MiércolesGomez

      you know there have been family members who have killed there own. like i heard about a grandfather who killed all 6 of his grandchildren so really you can not trust anybody weather family or not. you just never know. anyone can snap!

  • It is people like this that make you wonder why ANYBODY would be against the death penalty. I guarantee you that if you took everyone against the death penalty and something like this happened to them 95% of them would change their stance on that point. It is time we stopped keeping these people alive, feed them, pay guards to manage them, build more prisons because of population growth and thus more criminals and murderers, and use that tax money to support homeless and sick people without health insurance in this country. If you disagree with this my opinion is YOU ARE AN IDIOT. And you probably don’t believe in global warming as well because you just like arguing against popular opinion.

    • Palmina D’Alessandro

      I’m all for the death penalty for these sickos.

  • John Smith

    Gut and bury them.

  • Marge Kobisa

    SICK, SICK, SICK !!!