Casey Anthony Sets Up New Photography Business In West Palm Beach

Main photo: AP Photo/Joshua Replogle

Casey Anthony is apparently setting up — or trying to set up — her very own photography business in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The Daily Mail reports that Anthony filed paperwork with the Florida Department of State for a new business called Case Photography, LLC. The newspaper also caught exclusive photos of Anthony taking pictures of street scenes and buildings with her Canon camera.

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The Daily Mail/Facebook

Make sure you get my good side. I’m working here,” she reportedly told their photographer before trying to take pictures of him.

Anthony has reportedly been living with private detective Patrick J. McKenna, 67, the lead investigator on her defense team. The Mail claims her new business is registered to McKenna’s home, as well as her driver’s license.

Apparently when word of her new business hit the Internet, folks were none too happy, posting negative reviews on her Facebook page and more.

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  • Claire Patruno

    Hope she’s not expecting to get toddler gigs. Pig.

    • polliwogg

      She was acquitted. Get over it.

      • Cindy

        She did it!!

        • polliwogg

          And you know that………….HOW?

        • kerryberger

          That’s not what the jury decided, and that’s all that matters. Grow up.

          • Ally

            There wasn’t enough evidence to convict her beyond reasonable doubt. She did a great job of making sure her daughter’s body was decomposed to the point where it was barely used as evidence in court.

          • kerryberger

            That doesn’t make any difference what you believe or not. The fact is and was she was NOT convicted. She is free to live the rest of her life with dignity and privacy like any other citizen. What goes around comes around in the end. Vindictive busy-bodies like you, Ally, are more of what is wrong with society today (lack of civility) than what is right. Get a real life and mind your own business.

          • dansbaby

            dignity? really? hahahaha!!!

          • DaisyMae2011

            Oh, like you’re minding your own business by telling us what to do? Those of us who read the discovery documents, watched the entire trial, and are familiar with all the evidence will never forget what she did to Caylee, and it’s our right to do so. If you want to defend a baby killer, go talk to a wall because you’ll get nowhere with the 99% of the population who have a functioning brain. Only an idiot would think she’s innocent.

          • kerryberger

            I have as much right to criticize you as you have. If you don’t like my opposing opinion, that’s your problem not mine. The world moves quickly and the former defendant has every right to get on with her life. She has to live with it. You don’t! That’s the big difference. Or are you too stupid to understand that?

          • Patricia M

            Casey Anthony only gets the right to be stalked, hated and vilified for the rest of her life!

          • Christopher Williams

            Why make her more famous idiots

          • Christopher Williams

            Do u believe everything you read or watch thts the problem with the world today biggest thing u wasn’t there so nobody knws let God do wat he has to do dam people only person knws is her the baby and God

          • DaisyMae2011

            First of all if you are going to try to make an intelligent argument please try to use proper grammar and punctuation. Second, where did I indicate that I believe “everything I read and watch”? I said I read the discovery documents which means the documented forensic evidence, LE interview transcripts, cell phone records, computer forensic records, etc. that were collected and documented. It’s not hearsay. I also said I watched the trial which was broadcast live … not the news or someones interpretation of the trial, but the entire trial. The people who think she’s innocent are the ones who aren’t familiar with the evidence because they only heard what her con artist defense attorney said and naively believed it. The jury is included in that last category because they didn’t review one single piece of evidence.

          • Ally

            Did you hold up a mirror and say that to yourself, Kerry? She deserves no peace. She deserve to always be looking over her shoulder and cowering in fear. She knows what she did and yes, it DOES matter what I think. Deal with it.

          • kerryberger

            You sound like a vindictive busy-body who needs to mind her own business. Are you without sin? Grow up.

          • Ally

            I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve used this thing. However, Kerry, we’re not talking about any “sin” here; we’re talking about murdering a child. I’ll continue being vindictive and my loved ones will remain safe. As for busybody; no, not at all. But, if I see an article and I want to comment and read it, I sure can.

          • Ally

            Pot, meet kettle. Who should get a life here? Pretty sure you’re not one to talk.
            “That doesn’t make any difference what you believe or not”. I’m definitely not what’s wrong with society, but our corrupt and broken “justice” system is. I hope no one you know gets the raw end of our “justice system”, but you will be singing a different tune. Wow.

          • Dana Carpender

            No, it’s not all that matters. What matters is whether she really did it, and whether she is actually a threat.

          • mgkellam

            That is not all that matters. Juries get it wrong and they sure did here. All that matters is there is an angel baby because this evil woman thought she was getting in the way of her party lifestyle. She gets to start over and start this business, that baby doesn’t.

          • DaisyMae2011

            Yeah, a jury of lazy morons. The judge who presided over her trial was even shocked at the verdict. She murdered her baby girl, triple bagged her and threw her in the nearest ditch she could find. That is pure evil. Anyone who defends that child killer doesn’t have a soul.

          • Louis Martin

            does that apply to the O.J. verdict also???

          • Gina Kimball

            Excuse me the Jury themselves stated there wasnt enough physical evidence to convict. They also said, they never said she was innocent.

      • “She was acquitted. Get over it.”

        Just like OJ

        • Diane Rivera

          No one will ever be over it; just like OJ.

        • Cindy

          OJ is now back in jail where he belongs, I’m sure Casey will end up there again, and maybe this time justice will prevail.

          • Maybe she’s out their with her camera trying to find and take pictures of the real killler.
            Just like OJ

      • abbygal64

        dead body smell in trunk, out drinking and flirting the night of the disappearance of her daughter. No evidence of abduction, mother last to be seen with her. Now living with her lead investigator on her defense team who is 67yrs old. She flirted her way to a not guilty plea and her defense team helped it along with hiding many pieces of evidence that is coming to light, but can’t try a person for the same crime here. She lied throughout the trial and nearly 9 out of 10 surveyed then thought so to. You must be a bleeding heart liberal for the criminal. very naive to think she was innocent when most of her defense team admitted they thought she was guilty, but THEY are her defense team and their job is to get her off, whether guilty or not. Yea I work in the system, see it happen a lot especially with “pretty girls”.

        • polliwogg

          I never once said she was innocent. What I said was the REALITY that she was ACQUITTED. Nothing more can be done. Get over it.

        • DaisyMae2011

          Either a bleeding heart, or a man who thinks with his *@#% instead of his brain. Believe me, as soon as an article comes out about this sociopath, the lonely losers club can’t wait to defend her. Sick.

        • Marci L. Heil

          WHY do liberals always get drug into sh*t like this?? I’m a LIBERAL, and can use my head and KNOW this sorry excuse for a human being murdered her daughter…Please don’t lump us all together…we aren’t all the same..

        • Patricia M

          Come on abbygal – you are making us bleeding heart liberals look bad with that comment! lol. Casey is a stone cold murderer!! Anyone with half a brain knows that!

          • Christopher Williams

            Really were u there if u were there why didn’t go up on the stand testifying to put her away ur guilty to oh wait u weren’t there u believe everything the news tells u

    • Ally

      I wouldn’t let this woman near a goldfish, let alone a child

  • Unjust System

    Now that is justice for you!! I have NO doubt that she killed her daughter

    Police were suspicious of what Anthony, then 22, was telling them. She lied about her nanny taking the child. She lied about working at Universal Studios.

    DAMN – sorry Caylee no justice for you!

  • Brent Busch

    She’s not a photographer, she’s another woman with a DSLR and kit lens that thinks she’s a photographer.

  • NAME

    She has reportedly been living with the lead investigator on her defense team. does any one see anything wrong with that… duh maybe the case should be reopened and then her being charged right

    • Heather Dudley

      How do u know she has been living with lead investigator do you have proof

      • Jessica White

        Did you read the article? According to the DailyMail, her ‘business’ and her drivers license are registered to his address.

    • Samantha Cowling

      Federal law says no one can be charged a 2nd time with the same crime. It’s called Double Jepardy.

  • abbygal64

    Only in America can a woman who faced murder charges of killing her daughter can set up a business. Sure she was found not guilty and now lives with the lead investigator of her many defense team men who is 67 yrs old, I know old men need love to. Her trunk had evidence of a dead body in there, and many evidence that lead to her, but the jury felt cute flirty Casey couldn’t possibly kill her own daughter because after all, the day she went missing Casey was out dancing and drinking, and no mother would do that with a missing daughter, right? wrong!! Second biggest tax payer rip off of the justice system next to OJ Simpson.

    • kerryberger

      It happens all over the world, particularly if you have a good lawyer defending you. Welcome to reality. Justice isn’t always fair.

      • Juliana

        Casey didn’t have a good lawyer, matter of fact he was a hack lawyer that Casey found out about from another inmate after her arrest. He was mostly a motor vehicle lawyer. The only thing he was, was a smooth talking liar, like his client.

      • Schwanger

        “Justice isn’t always fair” To me, if it’s not fair, then it’s not justice, but injustice.

    • Juliana

      Good grief ! If you’re going to make a point at least try to keep it factual. On the day Caylee went missing her mother was seen on video walking into a video store hand in hand with her boyfriend, renting video’s for the night at home. Not out dancing and having fun. Video evidence doesn’t lie, but let’s remember Casey said she was out of town with Caylee with Zanny, that her car had broken down. Then changed it to she was out looking for Caylee after Zanny kidnapped her.

  • Vixiha

    IIRC, she’s been staying with him, and possibly his wife (I think he’s married), since the trial ended, and they kind of adopted her because she never could get a real job and even her own family disowned her. I think it was all disclosed at the end of some documentary I saw.

    For everyone saying the public should, “get over it,” you’ll just have to suck it up because normal people don’t ever get over murderers walking free.

    Maybe you should take turns supporting her and her new hobby, since even her own parents are still disgusted by their daughter’s selfish, cold-blooded apathy, while you apparently see nothing wrong with it, simply because she didn’t get caught.

    • DaisyMae2011

      I wonder if the idiots telling the public to “get over it” would get over it if their daughter, granddaughter, niece, or little sister was murdered and dumped in a swampy ditch by the person who was supposed to love and care for her, and the same night, the murderer was out partying … only to be acquitted 3 years later a jury of disinterested, lazy morons. Would they just skip away singing “oh, well, the jury set her free”. I think not.

      The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

  • Justice for Caylee-Dets

    Casey has no soul,she is like a zombie,no purpose in life just dead meat.No love,no happiness,no family,no friends,nothing but a killer germ that needs to melt back into the earth.Close the lid on your casket and go away forever you are toxic and finished for this world!!!!

  • nikkito

    Holy smokes, how absolutely stupid can this woman be? So much for remaining incognito. Apparently, she thinks America forgets free walking murderers so easily.

  • DaisyMae2011

    I sure hope nobody gives this child killer a dime. I followed this case from the day it was reported that Caylee wars “kidnapped”. After reading the discovery evidence released by the OCSO and watching the pre-trial hearings as well as the trial itself, I was heartbroken that those jurors spent absolutely no time or effort reviewing the case. All that evidence, and they couldn’t be bothered to review one single piece of it. Shameful! I’m convinced the jury foreman had his mind made up to acquit her from day one (because his mommy believed she was innocent), and he bullied the other lazy, spineless nitwits into a not guilty verdict. Even Judge Perry was shocked at their verdict. Poor Caylee … she deserved better.

    • Penny Brown

      And here I was wanting some up close shots of an Alligator’s eye ball. I was willing to pay her good money to go get them for me.

  • disqus_oIQzJ48o4j

    Wow, she sure isn’t the brightest bulb! By all means put yourself out there and try to work with the public knowing that the whole world hates your f*cking guts and would gladly give you a taste of the justice that your poor daughter was denied. Start a Facebook page and make sure to put your address and contact details so that people know exactly where to find you. For those of you who didn’t look at her Facebook page, her address is 14 Cortez Rd West Palm Beach FL. The number listed is 407-555-1212 (doubt its real). This is all public information she willingly posted on her FB page, I’m just sharing it 🙂


    The great thing about this country is we as a FREE people are allowed to have an opinion. Some will agree many will not but it is still your opinion. And good for you

  • UglyGirl Hunter

    I farted at a store near you.

  • Alyssa Ross

    who in their right mind would want this baby killer taking pictures of them? They might go ” missing” due to casey anthony.