Mom, Boyfriend Accused Of Tying Disabled Teen’s Penis With Rope

A Florida couple is under arrest after police say they allegedly waterboarded a teen and tied a rope to his genitals for punishment.

According to an affidavit obtained by WFAA, the 13-year-old boy said he was abused after he confessed to inappropriately touching the family dog. The report says 45-year-old Casey Shackleford and 40-year-old Christi Howell are both under arrest and facing an array of charges. The Dallas News says the boy is mentally disabled and the woman is the victim’s mother.

On Feb. 8, a forensic interviewer was called in to question the child about what he had been through. The boy, who has not been identified, told authorities about what happened to him on Jan. 29.

The teen confided in Shackleford about the dog incident, specifically admitting that he “put his finger inside the family dog’s butt.” After making that confession, the victim said Shackleford grabbed him by the hair and, with the help of Howell, allegedly slowly began pouring cold water over the child’s face while holding a towel over it.

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The teen reportedly said he avoided the feeling of drowning by moving his head to the side to get moments of air.

After that, Shackelford and Howell found a “pig rope” and it was tied to his private area. WFAA said the teen was “pulled on the rope as if she was trying to pull him around and off the couch.”  The rope was reportedly tied to the victim’s genitals for five to ten minutes.

On the same day as the forensic interview, Howell was arrested and charged with injury to a child, WFAA reports. Shackleford is facing the same charges. His probation was revoked and her bond is set at $250,000. After the boy sat back on the couch, the report said Shackleford then told him to tie the rope around his neck, while it was still attached to his genitals, until it got tighter and together.

This wasn’t the only time the teen said Howell abused him. In the past, the boy claims, Howell would punish him for not doing push-ups properly. He said he was hit 20 to 30 times in the back, butt and elbows with a stick.

The Dallas News says authorities have not released the exact mental disability of the child.

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