Fight Over Cheesy Garlic Knots At Florida Pizzeria Leads To Four Arrests

Four people were arrested on Friday night in Palm Coast, Florida, after a melee broke out in a local pizzeria — over garlic knots, of all things. (Yummmm, garlic knots.)

According to the Daytona Beach News Journal Online, Jessica Conti, 25, freaked out after staffers at Palm Coast Pizza gave her an order of garlic knots with cheese on top. That was apparently NOT what the doctor ordered, and Conti reportedly began arguing with the cashier before demanding her money back. She apparently got even more angry when the clerk “placed her money on the counter in what she perceived to be a disrespectful manner” (lolol).

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At that point, the publication reports that Conti’s posse stormed the eatery and started throwing food and pizza boxes around, as well as knocking a cash register and fax machine off the counter. They then fled, but a witness identified them and helped authorities track them down and arrest the foursome for the ridiculous incident.

Conti was charged with burglary and criminal mischief, along with Vincent Conti, Hareem Jones, and Shawn Cody. They have since been released from jail.

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