Will Kennedy Cousin’s Conviction Be Reinstated In 1975 Golf-Club Murder Of Teen?

Michael Skakel may be free on bail now, but that could change when six Supreme Court judges in Connecticut make a ruling.


Martha Moxley, 15, was murdered with a golf club in 1975

People magazine reports that those judges heard testimony last week in a hearing about having the now 55-year-old Kennedy cousin’s conviction reinstated. In 2002, Skakel, according to reports, was convicted of killing his neighbor, 15-year-old Martha Moxley, way back in 1975.

His conviction was later reversed, but now prosecutors want him back in prison to finish out his original 20-year sentence.

In 1975, Martha Moxley was brutally murdered with a golf club. Skakel, who was also 15 at the time — and the nephew of Ethel Kennedy — was convicted.

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According to People, Supervisory assistant state’s attorney Susann Gill told the court, “You would be hard pressed to find a case with so much evidence.”

A lower court reportedly found Skakel’s original defense attorney “inadequate.” And Skakel’s current attorney, Hubert J. Santos, argued that his client didn’t get a fair trial, saying, “When you cut through all that happened, this defendant did not get a fair shake.”

Per CBS, Skakel’s attorney also suggested that his brother, Thomas Skakel, may have had something to do with Moxley’s murder. Santos argued that specific information, as well as other evidence — including an alleged alibi –was never presented.

It’s been more than two years since Skakel’s been out on a $1.2 million bail. People magazine said it may take “several” months to come to a final decision on this case.

Do you think he’s guilty or innocent?

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