Man Stabs, Burns Pregnant Teen Girlfriend Alive Because He Doesn’t Want To Be A Dad

A German man was so desperate to not become a father that he reportedly stabbed his 19-year-old girlfriend with a bread knife before lighting her on fire.

A day after the horrific act, the burned body of 19-year-old Maria Peiner was discovered in some woods outside of Berlin by a local walker. In January 2015, the teen — who was 8 months pregnant at the time — thought she was meeting up with boyfriend Eren Toben to buy baby clothes. Instead the 20-year-old man, as well as his friend Daniel Mueller, beat her with a piece of wood and stabbed her with a bread knife, Metro reports.

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After this assault, the pair did the unthinkable: they covered her in petrol and set her ablaze. “She was still conscious, it could have been 10, 20, 30 seconds — she was still moving,” Judge Regina Alex commented during proceedings, according to The Independent. Toben was identified as the culprit when authorities discovered his fingerprints on a knife at the crime scene.

“He acted for the sole purpose of taking pleasure in the destruction of another human being’s life,” Judge Alex commented. “For him the crime was a solution, he wanted a free, happy life which he had control over.”

Toben and his accomplice were subsequently sentenced to 14 years in prison. After the trial, the victim’s brother said: “I hope our family can finally have some peace.”

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  • JenniferDavisEwing

    I’d argue that anyone who considers murder a solution to an unwanted pregnancy isn’t a “man,” as the headline says. He’s an immature boy.

    • Chantelle

      Isn’t that was abortion is?

      • Eliana

        Well murder is a legal term and abortion is not exactly murder (depending on the location if it is legal or not) but it is killing since it is the act of taking a life.

        Murder is the unlawful act of killing; that is the actual definition.

        • Chantelle

          You honestly see a difference there?

          • Eliana

            Yes. Look it up in a dictionary. That’s the actual definition.

            Abortion is an action of killing, but for it to be murder depends on the location and if it’s legal or not.
            For abortion to be murder, it needs to be in a place where it’s illegal.

          • maybefree

            Actually it should of been double homicide because it’s illegal in Europe to abort after 3 months. Unless of course the government grants you a waiver. The same holds true in the USA if you kill a pregnant female no matter where she is in gestation.

      • Amanda T Le

        oh here we go

  • Stan_Hooper

    Only 14 years? he gets out at 34 to probably kill again! The family must been so heartbroken!

  • Amanda Sullivan

    How can the family have peace, when those scumbags only get 14 years?!! 😠

  • DK

    14years, were they not charged with the death of the baby. At 8 months that baby could have survived outside the womb. They should have gotten two first degree murder charges. The EU is too lenient on these kinds of crimes!!!!

  • Charliee Keely Warmer

    Unbelievable these two so the word should be spending the whole life in prison not just 14 years

    • Charliee Keely Warmer

      Won’t say the word

  • QH

    It’s called a condom loser and 14 yrs is not even long enough!!

  • Barbara Morgan

    I don’t understand why in Europe people that murder only get sentences like these two, 14 years, even when they comment hideous crimes like this one or why there is a time limit on prosecuting murderers there also, something like a murder committed 15 years won’t be prosecuted no matter how bad the murder is and how much evidence there is that against a certain person.

    • Yekaterina Stav

      well in India anyone under 18 can do ANYTHING and only get 3 years AT MOST in juvenile custody. One of those brutal gang rapists was under 18 and he’s out and free now!!!!

  • Yekaterina Stav


  • Lisa Hicks

    I say since he doesn’t WANT to be a father, while in prison he should be castered.