Man On Trial For Holding Girlfriend’s Daughter Captive, Forcing Her To Marry & Have His Child

A man in California is on trial, facing charges of kidnapping and rape after authorities say he allegedly took his girlfriend’s daughter, held her captive for years, and forced her to have a child with him.

ABC News says 42-year-old Isidro Garcia was living with the teen and her family at the time she vanished. The report says Garcia was dating the victim’s mother and also living with her siblings.

This week, the mother of the girl testified in court saying she told Garcia he would have to leave their apartment or she was going to pack up their children and go. The mother reportedly said she thought Garcia was giving her daughter inappropriate attention and buying her expensive things.

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It wasn’t long after that when her daughter vanished and the woman reportedly received a phone call from Garcia telling her the 15-year-old would not be returning to her family.

The mother filed a missing persons report back in 2004.

Ten years later, the victim went to police after reconnecting with her family on Facebook. The victim, now in her mid-twenties, reportedly told law enforcement she was forced to marry Garcia, have a child with him and she was fearful he would have her deported if she ever tried to leave.

Garcia claims, according to the ABC News report, that he did not rape or abduct the child. Instead, he claims she left an unhappy home and tense relationship with her mom. Garcia says it wasn’t until years later that she “fabricated” the abduction story.

Seth Bank, Garcia’s attorney, showed jurors photos this week of the “happy couple” smiling at their wedding and at their daughter’s birthday parties, ABC News said.

Reports say Garcia has pleaded not guilty. ABC News says the victim and one of her sisters are expected to testify this week.

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