OJ Simpson’s Notorious White Bronco Has Been Found In ‘Perfect’ Condition

OJ Simpson’s notorious white Bronco — the one he rode in during that infamous LA police chase following the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman — has been found after years and years of uncertainty about its whereabouts.

The identity of the car’s current owner is slated to be revealed today on Inside Edition. But the mystery owner says he’s kept the “iconic” vehicle locked in his California garage — and has only put 20 miles on the car in all these years.

The owner says he’s looking at it as an “investment.

The car was reported to have been sold for $200K to an anonymous buyer in ’96, but has reportedly changed hands many times since then.

Investigation Discovery’s six-part series, Is O.J. Innocent? The Missing Evidence, explores new theories and never-before-seen evidence in the high-profile case. The three-night event starts January 15 at 9 p.m. EST on Investigation Discovery and ID GO.

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  • Dave Norris

    Actually, Al Cowlings drove the Bronco on the chase, not OJ.
    And if anyone paid 200k for it as an investment, tjey are a terrible investor, I doubt 50k could be received for it.

  • HollyWould

    Not only did OJ not drive the White “chase” Bronco, but the infamous Bronco belonged to and was driven by Al Cowlings. They both had one. OJ’s Bronco had already been impounded…..

  • frybaby

    Thats right.

  • warburd

    Anyone paying $200g because OJ “slice &dice” was a PASSENGER in it proves: “FOOL AND HIS MONEY ARE SOON PARTED”!