Steven Avery’s Lawyer Says It’s “Fairly Obvious” Who Killed Teresa Halbach

It’s been a few weeks since we checked in on the Steven Avery case, and lo and behold, there’s plenty to report. Let’s get to it!

Avery’s new lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, has been going HAM on social, posting all sorts of vaguely teasing tweets about developments in the case. For starters, as part of her effort to see Avery exonerated for the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach, Zellner plans to do “advanced luminol testing,” and recently paid her client a visit in order to collect fresh DNA samples to test. The attorney, who has successfully represented a number of exonerated prisoners, appears extremely confident that proving Avery innocent is only a matter of time, tweeting,“The inevitable is coming — he was smiling so were we.”

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Zellner has been rightfully critical of the original police investigation, which was documented on the hit Netflix docu-series, Making A Murderer. Ultimately, regardless of where you stand on Avery’s guilt or innocence, a tainted crime scene, suspicious evidence and police misconduct serves to harm both the defense and the prosecution’s cases. In a series of tweets, Zellner raised some really good points about how specific elements of the forensic evidence found on the Avery property — Halbach’s car key, her RAV-4, her burned remains, etc. — actually contradict each other.

She also pointed out that when the search party found Halbach’s RAV-4 in the Avery salvage yard, the car was locked. A strange move for a killer to make, considering this only helps “preserve” the evidence, leading Zellner to hint that it was “kinda obvious” who locked it.

Zellner tweeted that Avery’s case is “identical to the other 17 men we’ve cleared” and that she “won’t quit until he’s out.” In her interview with The Lip TV, Zellner emphasized that her confidence in his innocence is based on the very evidence used to convict him.

“In having had a number of these cases, it has the signature of a wrongful conviction case,” Zellner said. “They only focused on him. They did not look at a lot of other suspects, certainly some very key people they should have been looking at.”

In fact, Zellner and Avery seem to have an exact suspect in mind, not that they’re telling, though Zellner says she intends to prove who the real killer is. On February 8, she tweeted a handwritten note from Avery in which he maintains that no one in his family is responsible for Halbach’s death, but it’s “obvious” who is, and that the police decided chose not to investigate “him.”

Let’s just assume for a moment that Zellner is right and Avery and the rest of his kin are completely innocent in the murder. Based on her tweets and interview quotes, it seems obvious that Zellner is among the many who believe that the cops definitely framed Avery by planting 1) Halbach’s key, after giving it a good scrub and B) Avery’s blood in the RAV-4 and his DNA on the hood latch. She also may be hinting that the cops planted Halbach’s car as well — if they were framing Avery, they would want to make sure nothing happened to the forensic evidence inside by locking the vehicle. If that’s the case, that would mean the police found the RAV-4 somewhere off the Avery property, a theory that was touched on at trial. Remember, on November 3, the day Halbach was reported missing, Officer Andrew Colburn called dispatch with a license plate number for them to run, and they confirmed that it was registered to Halbach. “A ’99 Toyota?” he asked, volunteering information that further indicated he was looking at the vehicle in question. Two full days later, the car was officially “found” on the Avery lot.

But the question remains: who do Zellner and Avery think killed her? It’s pretty indisputable that the police had tunnel vision from the moment they learned Halbach had been on the Avery lot, as evidenced by the fact that they ONLY took forensic evidence from the Avery family. But in thinking about the other possible suspects, I’m left wondering if Avery counts his brother-in-law, Scott Tadych — who some consider to be an alternative suspect – as a member of his family? Because Tadych was never fingerprinted, and his trailer — located near Avery’s — was never searched.

That said, Zellner has hinted that Halbach was killed by someone she knew.

“There was a very poor investigation done of the victim’s background, who she was involved with, the circumstances of her life,” Zellner cryptically told The Lip TV. Perhaps she’s thinking of Halbach’s ex-boyfriend Ryan Hillegas? Or her roommate, Scott Bloedorn, who waited three days before reporting her missing? It’s also possible that she has in mind someone we’ve yet to hear about because they were never investigated.

I guess we’ll have to wait to see what Zellner tweets next…

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  • Sheila Edwards

    What about brendon will he be let free as well

    • LivinInTheUSA

      Yes, Zellner set her goals as vindicating both & identifying Ms. Halbach’s killer.

  • Bridget

    Find the real killer and the evidence will speak for its self!! There was no evidence in the Avery case! It was all botched!! Prayers Steven!! We need to get the real killer off the streets before he kills again!

  • amanda

    She’s an idiot. Listen to rebutting a murderer on I♡radio. She’s just looking for her 15 minutes of fame. Killer…killer….Avery is a killer.

    • Nerfe

      That podcast has even less going for it than the prosecution team did. Such a load of garbage opinion articles.

    • LivinInTheUSA

      “15 minutes of fame”? She is rated as one of the top litigators in the Country, has overturned more wrongful convictions than any other attorney in the US, and has yielded the highest monetary award in the country for a client falsely arrested.

      She clearly did not take the case with the intent of losing, and a loss in such a high profile case would far out way any so called “15 minutes of fame.

  • LivinInTheUSA

    If Zellner establishs tampering occurred the rest become easy. Providing such information to the Federal Court, to get the case heard in Federal Court, will force a Federal Investigation. Once the charges are filed, including perhaps even co-conspirator in the murder itself, those charged have little choice other than to talk for a plea.

  • nell

    I’m not even convinced they found TH’s bones. Hasn’t anyone questioned the protocols used in collecting & testing? How can tissue survive charred bones? Wasn’t Dr. Eisenberg involved in a similar case of burned *bones* of Kristine Rudy Clark & a fetus?

  • JohnBoy

    wtf this whole case blows. Steven AND BRENDON should be free. However if brendon doesn’t get out it’s no big deal. He’s the reason that he & Steven are in jail in the first place. Well, it’s really the corrupt officials that put them in jail but if brendon would have spoken up & not just sit there & let the cops incriminate himself & Steven w a false confession maybe things would be different. I know that people are forced into false statements all the time but really Brendon made it easy for them. He didn’t even try to resist from what I saw in the documentary. It was like he thought that he wouldn’t get convicted because someone would come along & make things better, straighten things out. Idk the whole case from day 1 is so screwed up, they should not be in jail.
    There wasn’t ANY dna proving that the victim was in SA’s house (her key that showed up days later w SA’s dna on it isn’t enough proof that she was tied up raped shot & stabbed)
    But really Brendon screwed himself & Steven by being so dumb & sitting there saying nothing & not trying to resist their bullshit. I hope they both get out and soon.

    • John Basilone

      Only people who are completely delusional would believe that anyone would try let alone be successful in planting the vehicle on his property. People who believe he is innocent need to see me about buying the Brooklyn Bridge I will sell it cheap.

  • nell

    TH was 5’6″, SA 5’11”. IMO, the picture of the Rav4 driver’s seat appears to be positioned for her height, doesn’t it? I guess the person who drove the Rav4 to the Avery Yard was smart enough to reposition the seat or be of similar height as TH? If a shooter jumped into the passenger seat w/a gun I believe that black case as seen in the pics would have been smooshed or pushed into the seat fold.

  • Laura Vickers

    I think that Steven and Brendon should be set free. One suspect that I think that should be looking at is her brother. They never interviewed him. Steven and Brendon are innocent. Plus how come the blood that they had from his previous case, the box could have been opened? No one could get to it. Only cops and the people that take the blood could get that.

    • David Wheelock

      You must be blonde

  • David Wheelock

    Avery is a idiot he likes to whack the wee wee

  • Nitrobuz Ae

    The cops did it. They wanted him, they framed him.