Foul Play Suspected In Cold Case Of Woman Vanished From Home In Middle Of Night

It was sometime in the middle of a warm summer night in 2012 when an eccentric 21-year-old named Kortne Stouffer vanished. Stouffer, described by her loved ones as a “flower child,” had spent the July night out on the town with friends and returned to her Palmyra, PA apartment on Main Street.

CrimeFeed spoke with the District Attorney of Lebanon County, David J. Arnold, who said that although he believes Kortne made it back inside her home, she then disappeared within a short window of time. Kortne was never seen leaving her apartment again, and it looks like she went missing before the sun came up.

According to the FBI, the last known contact with Kortne was around 3:30 a.m. from the local Palmyra Police, who were called to Kortne’s place for a disturbance involving Kortne and her neighbors.

Penn Live dug deeply into Kortne’s case, and  Scott Stouffer, Kortne’s father, told them he believes his daughter vanished under “volatile circumstances.”

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When Kortne went missing, reports say she was living with her boyfriend who was on house arrest and probation for drugs and driving under the influence, Penn Live reports. In the hours prior to Kortne’s disappearance, the boyfriend’s probation officer showed up at their home and he was arrested on the spot. After the arrest, Kortne’s boyfriend was behind bars for a week, reports note.

It was after Kortne’s boyfriend was hauled in to the police station that she decided to continue her night out with friends. After partying at a local bar, Kortne and a male friend returned to her apartment, Penn Live said.

It was when Kortne arrived home, according to the published report, when Kortne and her neighbors began to have it out. Penn Live said it was so intense, it almost became a physical altercation. Police were called back out to the apartment not once, but twice. Police eventually left, and the report says no one was arrested.

The friend who was inside with Kortne claims they each headed to bed. Around 7 a.m. the friend woke up and did not see Kortne, so he left. Penn Live says a surveillance camera captured him on a nearby convenience-store camera buying food and a drink. During that time, he was reportedly texting Kortne, telling her he was leaving and would catch up with her later.

It was in the window between 3:30 a.m. – 7 a.m. Kortne vanished. Her father told Penn Live she left behind two dogs, one belonging to her and the other to her boyfriend, and her wallet.

Some speculate that the neighbors may have had something to do with Kortne’s disappearance, but one of them told authorities that was incorrect, and that they’d cooperated with investigators. Dozens of searches have been conducted and Kortne’s father spoke out to say people still contact him with leads.

DA Arnold, he told Crime Feed they aren’t giving up and they do not consider Kortne’s case cold: “We have discussions about it a couple times a week. We have active conversations.”

Arnold went on to say no persons of interests or suspects have ever been named in Kortne’s case. She was last seen alive at her home on July 29, 2012 and reportedly many search warrants have been executed. Arnold added she was not seen on any surveillance leaving the area. The FBI says foul play is suspected.

You can track updates at the public Facebook page created for Kortne. Kortne was last known to have blonde hair in dreadlocks, green eyes and she stands 5 feet 8 inches tall. She has three tattoos.

If you know anything about Kortne’s disappearance, please contact the PA Crimestoppers directly: 800.472.8477 or send in your leads to

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  • JC Green

    If you’re going to post an article about this at least have her father’s name correct. It is Scott not Steve. How about proof reading.

  • taylor

    99% obvious that the male “friend” did something to her. Last one seen with her in her home in the early morning hours. If someone had come in the house he would have known. Probably made an advance, got rejected and killed her. Then called his buddy from the night before to get rid of her. Very miniscule likelihood that anything else could have happened in a 2.5 hour window when even her shoes weren’t missing from the house.

    • caseyabell

      The name of the “male friend” is Cody Pruett. Maybe the Disappeared ep was an attempt to sweat him. The cops might have a wire on somebody close to the guy and they’re hoping the TV show gets him to say something. I don’t buy the slept-through-it story, either, and I doubt that the cops buy it.