4 Crimes That Will Make You Want To Become An Antisocial Loner

With The Ides of March fast approaching, “Et tu, Brute?” It got us here at CrimeFeed thinking about making friends and being friendly to your fellow human beings. As we all know, doing that obviously didn’t work out for Julius Caesar. Most of the time, being a friendly person can work in your favor, but what about the times where you probably should have just acted like you were getting an important text message and kept walking?

Here are four stories where being unsociable would have been a good thing.

Karen Richardt & Carlito Perez


In 2003, Brooklyn resident Karen Richardt had a chance encounter with a neighbor of 20 years, Carlito Perez. What she didn’t know was that because of one smile and some polite conversation, she was going to become the object of a dangerous obsession from an “insane monster.” Perez believed (in his mind) that Richardt was carrying his child. After he stabbed her with an 18-inch bayonet and two months later attacked her with a two-by-four, he was still released by police. It all culminated with a drunk Perez dousing the door of an apartment belonging to one of Richardt’s friends with flammable liquid and setting it on fire because he knew she was inside. Starting to feel antisocial? We don’t blame you. If you want to get the whole Obsession story from Karen herself, watch it here now.

Kenia Monge

Kenia Monge

19-year-old Kenia Monge went out one night in Denver and never made it home. It was all because she accepted help from what she thought was a Good Samaritan. Monge found herself without her friends or her cell phone at the end of the night. While she was walking back to the club where she last saw them, a man in a van pulled up and offered her a ride. Monge accepted her new friend’s help and got in. When the man was finally caught, after attacking another woman whom he also chose at random, he told authorities “I’m evil.” Monge’s last night out was caught on CCTV’s all over Denver, if you want to find out how her killer was caught, you can watch the whole story here.

Nichole Cable


Nichole Cable was like any other 15-year-old, trying to connect with people and find friends on Facebook. She made friends online with a boy named Bryan Butterfield and the two decided to meet up. She then went missing. What Cable didn’t know was she was talking to a 20-year-old man that she already knew, Kyle Dube. Dube had unrequited feelings for Cable. In an odd and desperate turn, he hatched a plan in which he would become her “hero.” That plan majorly backfired, resulting in Cable’s death. Ready to shut down all your social accounts now? If you want to watch how this whole Web of Lies was woven, check it out here.

Stacey Mitchell, Jessica Stasinowsky, & Valerie Parashumti


Stacey Mitchell was a British-born girl who had moved to Australia at the age of ten. When she was 16 years old, she decided to run away from home after a fight with her parents. Mitchell had then moved in with her friends, 20-year-old Stasinowsky and 19-year-old Parashumti. Sounds like normal teen problems, right? Wrong. Unbeknownst to Mitchell, Stasinowsky was jealous of the relationship developing between Mitchell and her girlfriend Parashumti. The couple who had a “bizarre and intense” relationship, decided that Mitchell was “irritating” and wanted to get rid of her. So instead of kicking her out of the house, they attempted to kill her by putting glass in her drink, but ultimately decided to bludgeoning her with a concrete slab was best. To get all the details about these Deadly Women, you can watch the story here.




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