Caught On Camera: Nun Breaks At Least One Commandment During Shoplifting Spree

Nobody would ever suspect a woman of the cloth, would they? Well, Sister Agnes Pennino of Saints Cyril and Methodius Convent in Danville, Penn., appears to have tested that theory at the local Surplus Outlet.

Zane Kishbach, one of the store’s managers, was approached by another customer, who reported that they thought they saw a woman shoplifting. By the time Kishbach managed to trail her, she had escaped through the front exit as another customer entered, taking $23 worth of coffee, soap, snacks, and shampoo as she went. Workers at the store were able to give authorities the plate number of the car she used to flee the scene.

When police tracked that plate, they discovered that the car was owned by the Danville convent 20 miles from the Berwick store. The investigation led them straight to 78-year-old Sister Agnes Pennino. According to investigators, it looked as though Pennino had planned the theft. She had brought some of the store’s red shopping bags with her to carry the items out, perhaps hoping to deflect suspicion long enough to make a clean getaway. She also specifically did not leave via the normal exit, as that would have required her to pass by the store cashiers.

Pennino faces a shoplifting charge, which is considered a summary offense in Pennsylvania and on the level of a traffic ticket. The most she could face is a fine if convicted. What the convent intends to do, however, remains to be seen.

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