Cops Still Seek Leads In Cold Case Of Teen Who Vanished From A Party 26 Years Ago

Melanie Melanson was only days away from turning 15 when she vanished without a trace. Although that was more than 25 years ago, investigators are still collecting leads and trying to find answers for her family, who say they have little hope she’s still alive.

It was October 27, 1989, when police say the then teenager ventured into the woods to party with some friends in Woburn, Mass. (WCVB said there were about two dozen students hanging out that night.) Michael Garrigan, who spoke to the Huffington Post a couple years ago, told them at the time he’s been on the case since 1991 as a private investigator.

On the night Melanie went missing, most people at the party left around 11 p.m. Garrigan said from his findings it looks like Melanie and two males were the only ones who stayed — and those boys eventually left, though Melanie did not. Those other two parties have not been identified.

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The Woburn Patch reports that police previously said they believe Melanie may have been killed that evening, but they have not revealed by who or why. Melanie’s aunt believes this same theory. In 2014 to WCVB in Boston, Maryann Masciulli said, “Melanie’s not missing. Melanie didn’t run away. She didn’t disappear. Melanie is a murder victim.” Masciulli said her family has believed this from the beginning.

Masciulli also said, “I have forgiven the fact that she’s been murdered. I’m OK with that. What I cannot forgive is they’ve allowed us, for 25 years, to not to be able to give her a proper burial.”

Family members believe that Melanie’s body may have been moved since then, especially after the heat turned up on the searches.

Alan Tate, a licensed professional investigator and founder of Mission for the Missing, has been working on Melanie’s case for years, and has said that multiple ground searches have taken place, but haven’t turned up any new information, bodies, or leads.

At this point, there have been no formal suspects, arrests, or persons of interests named.

Melanie would be in her mid-thirties today.

If you know anything about Melanie’s case, please call the Woburn Police directly with any leads: 781.933.1212.
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