5 Daycare Crimes That Will Make You Want To Keep The Kids Home Forever

If you’re like most parents, you believe — or desperately want to believe! — your child is safe when you drop them off at daycare each morning. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, as these awful incidents perfectly illustrate. Read on for a few of the more shocking daycare-related cases CrimeFeed has come across in the past few years…

Daycare Worker Says He Accidentally Raped 5-Year-Old Girl During Tickle Fight

In one of the more outrageously awful stories we’ve covered on CrimeFeed, a male daycare worker named Ian Moore was accused of raping a 5-year-old girl back in June — and he claimed it innocently happened during a tickle fight. Even worse: the child’s father walked in on the incident as he was arriving to take his daughter home. Moore reportedly told the girl’s dad they were having a tickle fight, but the little girl told her father something very different. According to court documents, Moore told officials that he had accidentally penetrated her with his hand after slipping on a toy while they were playing. He was charged with first-degree child molestation.

Daycare Workers Stage Kiddie Fight Club(s)

Two New Jersey daycare workers were charged with staging this “fight club” for tots. They reportedly enlisted 12 kiddos aged 4-6 and recorded them in orchestrated brawls. Though no children were harmed, this club was still a terrible idea, obvs, and very much not OK by parents or by the law. These two weren’t alone, either — two daycare workers in Virginia were recently sentenced for staging a baby fight club of their own.

Daycare Director Accused Of Duct Taping Naughty Children Who Wouldn’t Nap

Back in 2014, various children were reportedly punished by the daycare director at Heart2Heart Montessori Academy in Willow Park, Texas — by being forcibly strapped down to their napping mats so they couldn’t move. CPS went on to investigate the claims after director Ashlea Pena tried to reassure parents that no children had been harmed in the bizarre and messed-up practice.

Daycare Worker Busted For Allegedly Taking Pornographic Photos Of 2-Year-Old Where She Worked

Christina Cortez
Christina Cortez, 38, of Texas, was charged with production and distribution of child porn after allegedly taking sexual photos of a 2-or 3-year-old girl at the daycare center where she worked. She then allegedly shared those photos with a man she’d met on Craigslist, Matthew Harbin, who was wanted for similar sex crimes in Alabama. Harbin was busted after sending the graphic pics of the little girl, who was reportedly told to touch and fondle herself in the photos, to an undercover officer.

Daycare Worker Allegedly Caught Kicking Sleeping Child

A daycare employee named Sandra Petrosky Cernoch was busted last year after witnesses allegedly saw her kicking a  2-year-old while he was napping. After the child’s mom was notified, she noticed bruises on the little boy, and Cernoch was arrested. Some of the alleged incident was reportedly caught on tape, causing the daycare owner to fire Cernoch on the spot and say, “My heart just sunk. It just sunk. I couldn’t believe it and I knew I had to do something.” Cernoch was charged with injury to a child — a third-degree felony.



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