Man Allegedly Decapitated Girlfriend, Tried To Flush Head Down Toilet Because He Thought She Was A Snake

A man allegedly decapitated his significant other and tried to flush her head down the toilet, claiming he did so because thought she was a snake.

Mirror reports that Dempsey Nibbs is accused of killing his partner of 30 years, Judith Nibbs, in April 2014. Prosecutor Crispin Aylett accused Dempsey of knocking her out then carrying out the unthinkable act with a kitchen knife.

Their relationship was said to have taken a nasty turn as Dempsey came to find out Judith was unfaithful. According to the BBC, the victim allegedly told him “I have had sex eight times” three days before the murder.

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The 69-year-old called police and explained how they would find “a couple of dead bodies” in his home. After attempting to dispose of her head in the bathroom, he is accused of stabbing himself in the neck and stomach and penning a suicide note to his son.

“Quite why the defendant decapitated Judith and then disposed of her head is not entirely clear but it may well be that he did it out of pure hatred at the sight of his wife’s face,” Aylett told a jury.

Though he was discovered with a shotgun and told police he was “defending himself,” prosecutors claimed Dempsey exhibited no signs of mental illness prior to the murder.

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