Man Allegedly Kills Wife With Hammer For Selling Elvis Tribute Tickets On Ebay

A man reportedly admitted to bludgeoning his wife to death after she sold his tickets for an Elvis Presley tribute act.

According to The Sun, Paul Abbott allegedly murdered his wife Jacqueline after she matched the tickets with a seller through Ebay. The mother-of-two was allegedly attacked by Paul after he made this discovery on the night of the concert.

The 56-year-old reportedly confronted Jacqueline when she returned home after being gone for a few days. Detective Sergeant Indi Basra told the Daily Mail that during the argument Paul “saw a hammer in the landing area and picked it up and struck her a couple of times.”

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The 54-year-old woman sustained serious and extensive head injuries and was pronounced dead at the home. A pathology report obtained by Metro said her official cause of death was blunt force head injuries and that she had no alcohol in her system.

Paul has pleaded guilty to the Dec. 11 murder. Judge John Wait Abbott that he will be sentenced to life in prison, but needed to determine the minimum term he would be jailed for.

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