Friends Allegedly Kill Man In Suspected Satanic Ritual Meant To Turn Him Into Vampire

Four people have been arrested in Chihuahua City, Mexico — all accused of being part of a brutal ritual sacrifice that claimed the life of 24-year-old Edwin Miguel Juarez Palma.

Palma, who worked in a local restaurant, was found dead on March 1. His body had been wrapped in trash bags in what police believe was an attempt to pass the death off as a drug-related homicide.

According to police, Palma may have been lured into an initiation ceremony for the Sons of Baphomet cult. They suspect Palma was convinced the ritual would turn him into a vampire. Evidence suggests that Palma was lured into the restroom of a local cyber cafe called Freak Shop.

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At that point, they say his hands were tied behind his back, and he was brutally beaten before being stabbed and slashed in the neck with a broken bottle. Officials finally determined that Palma died from strangulation.

Bloodstains led police to the cafe. Evidence also suggested that whoever killed Palma had tried to clean the place with bleach. Thanks to witnesses as well as social media, Iveth Nayeli Lopez Hernandez and Gustavo Adolfo Dorantes, both just 18 years old, as well as 25-year-old Omar Sanchez Garcia, were arrested within days. (Sanchez is reportedly the owner of Freak Shop.) Calep Josefath Acosta Loera, the accused ringleader of the group, was arrested last Friday, and  all four face charges in the gruesome and bizarre death.

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