4 Unbelievable Buffet Crimes

Hanger can be a monster. So it should come as no surprise that some of the oddest and funniest crime-related incidents would go down in a buffet. Here are four buffet-related crimes that prove just that…

1. Connecticut Couple Allegedly Get Into Fisticuffs Over Crab Legs

Source: Manchester Police Department

Source: Manchester Police Department

A Connectuit couple was allegedly arrested for a shellfish-related brawl at a buffet. According to the New York Daily News, Latoya and Clifford Knight (pictured) are believed to have attacked a 21-year-old man over crab legs, landing a punch that nearly knocked his front tooth out. The victim’s mother also whipped out some pepper spray during the April altercation. While the mom won’t face charges, Clifford was charged with third-degree assault and disorderly conduct while Latoya is looking at disorderly conduct and threat charges.

2. South Carolina Woman Arrested After Allegedly Claiming Jesus Would Pay Buffet Bill

Source: Myrtle Beach Jail

Source: Myrtle Beach Jail

When a seafood buffet gave a North Carolina woman the bill, she reportedly refused to pay and told police that Jesus would pick up the tab. In July 2015, April Lee Yates (pictured) was allegedly causing a disturbance at Bennett’s Calabash Seafood Buffet Restaurant and was asked to pay and leave. When she didn’t do either, police were called, according to FOX 8. From there, she explained that she had no money and expected someone else to pay the bill. When cops asked who that person was she answered Jesus and was arrested for defrauding a restaurant.

3. Georgia Woman Busted After Falling Asleep At Golden Corral

Angela Reese

Source: FOX25 News

In an extreme case of food coma, a Georgia woman was nabbed after she and her man fell asleep at an all-you-can-eat-buffet. “The activity, or rather lack of activity, was a man asleep face down in a plate of food along with a woman sleeping next to him,” Douglasville police posted on Facebook in November 2014. KRMG reports that the couple passed out at a Golden Corral. After cops woke the man up “so he didn’t inhale food and choke,” he was medically cleared and free to go. However, Angela Reece (pictured) was nabbed for drug possession.

4. Grandma Reportedly Banned From Chinese Buffet After Drunkenly Pooping In Seaweed

Janice O’Dowd

Source: The Sunday Sport Exclusive

A U.K. granny was supposedly banned from a Chinese buffet for doing the unthinkable: defecating in the seaweed. Already asked to leave when putting her cigarette out in someone’s drink, staff and patrons at the Manchester all-you-can-eat restaurant were horrified when Janice O’Dowd (pictured) got a chair and pooed in the crispy seaweed. According to The Tab, when the 52-year-old was asked by The Sunday Sport Exclusive what happened, she responded “Yes I was drunk and yes I did shit on the buffet. I’d necked two bottles of  f*****g vodka so what did you f*****g expect?”


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