5 Tragic Cases Of Restraining Orders That Still Ended In Murder

Restraining orders are a common legal tool used in cases of domestic violence — but sadly they don’t always help the people they’re supposed to help; at least not in the long run. Here are five cases in which a protective order failed to protect, and murder was the tragic result.

Estranged Wife Had Restraining Order In Play When Husband Allegedly Killed Her With Baseball Bat
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A man in Louisiana is accused of killing his estranged wife, even though she had an active restraining order against him. WAFB reports that in August 2015, 38-year-old David Johnson broke in and allegedly beat the victim, 45-year-old Monica Butler Johnson, to death with a baseball bat. During the attack, the report said the victim’s 18-year-old son was also attacked with the bat, but he made it out alive with only a broken arm. The former deputy is charged with first-degree murder.

Wife Accused Of Shooting Husband Hours After He Files For Restraining Order 


In 2015, 55-year-old Patricia Katchur was arrested for allegedly shooting and killing her 52-year-old husband, Christopher Katchur. The victim was reportedly terrified of his wife — he was so scared that WTAE claimed he filed for a restraining order only hours before his murder. Katchur was charged with criminal homicide and set to stand trial for the alleged killing. On May 13, the day Christopher Katchur was allegedly killed, he wrote in an restraining order, “She came to the door heavily sedated with her sister and dog, but I refused to let her in. She called police. I informed police she had weapons (2 guns) permitted to carry and the police informed me to file PFA!”

Man Accused Of Killing GirlfriendF After She Filed Two Protection Orders 

Anthony Tobias Fagiano

Reports say 37-year-old Darcy Buhmann was shot and killed, allegedly by her boyfriend, 35-year-old Anthony Tobias Fagiano. At the time of the killing, according to the NY Daily News, the victim had two separate restraining orders against Fagiano. One was filed only weeks before she was killed. After the murder, reports say Fagiano texted the victim’s ex-husband and said, “I just killed the whore, it’s best for you, she’ll never be faithful.”

Woman’s Death Allegedly Staged To Look Like Suicide Had Past Restraining Order Against Husband


The ex-husband of a Northern Virginia mother is accused of killing his estranged wife, then covering it up to look like a suicide. Reports say 43-year-old Michelle Castillo was found dead inside her upscale home after a welfare check. Although the victim was found hanging in a shower, authorities believe she was suffocated and beaten before she was hung. The father of the victim’s children, 43-year-old Braulio Castillo, is charged with her killing. In the past, according to reports, Michelle Castillo had to get a restraining order against Braulio Castillo because of his past alleged physical abuse against her.

Man Charged With 3 Counts Of Murder One Day After Judge Lifts Temporary Restraining Order 

Reports say a man in North Carolina allegedly committed a triple homicide against his neighbors after a judge lifted a temporary restraining order against the suspect. NJ.com said the suspect, 52-year-old Jonathan Frederick Sander, is accused of killing his three neighbors on Good Friday. Only 24 hours before, one of the victims was in a courtroom, in front of a judge, asking for a permanent restraining order. Rich Sussman, the son of one of the victim’s said, “My father and brother went to court on Thursday fully expecting the judge would grant a permanent restraining order. But the judge said (the threats) are ‘just words’ and ‘there’s not enough here,’ to grant a permanent order.”

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