5 Tragic Cases Of Restraining Orders That Still Ended In Murder

Restraining orders are a common legal tool used in cases of domestic violence — but sadly they don’t always help the people they’re supposed to help; at least not in the long run. Here are five cases in which a protective order failed to protect, and murder was the tragic result.

Estranged Wife Had Restraining Order In Play When Husband Allegedly Killed Her With Baseball Bat
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A man in Louisiana is accused of killing his estranged wife, even though she had an active restraining order against him. WAFB reports that in August 2015, 38-year-old David Johnson broke in and allegedly beat the victim, 45-year-old Monica Butler Johnson, to death with a baseball bat. During the attack, the report said the victim’s 18-year-old son was also attacked with the bat, but he made it out alive with only a broken arm. The former deputy is charged with first-degree murder.

Wife Accused Of Shooting Husband Hours After He Files For Restraining Order 


In 2015, 55-year-old Patricia Katchur was arrested for allegedly shooting and killing her 52-year-old husband, Christopher Katchur. The victim was reportedly terrified of his wife — he was so scared that WTAE claimed he filed for a restraining order only hours before his murder. Katchur was charged with criminal homicide and set to stand trial for the alleged killing. On May 13, the day Christopher Katchur was allegedly killed, he wrote in an restraining order, “She came to the door heavily sedated with her sister and dog, but I refused to let her in. She called police. I informed police she had weapons (2 guns) permitted to carry and the police informed me to file PFA!”

Man Accused Of Killing GirlfriendF After She Filed Two Protection Orders 

Anthony Tobias Fagiano

Reports say 37-year-old Darcy Buhmann was shot and killed, allegedly by her boyfriend, 35-year-old Anthony Tobias Fagiano. At the time of the killing, according to the NY Daily News, the victim had two separate restraining orders against Fagiano. One was filed only weeks before she was killed. After the murder, reports say Fagiano texted the victim’s ex-husband and said, “I just killed the whore, it’s best for you, she’ll never be faithful.”

Woman’s Death Allegedly Staged To Look Like Suicide Had Past Restraining Order Against Husband


The ex-husband of a Northern Virginia mother is accused of killing his estranged wife, then covering it up to look like a suicide. Reports say 43-year-old Michelle Castillo was found dead inside her upscale home after a welfare check. Although the victim was found hanging in a shower, authorities believe she was suffocated and beaten before she was hung. The father of the victim’s children, 43-year-old Braulio Castillo, is charged with her killing. In the past, according to reports, Michelle Castillo had to get a restraining order against Braulio Castillo because of his past alleged physical abuse against her.

Man Charged With 3 Counts Of Murder One Day After Judge Lifts Temporary Restraining Order 

Reports say a man in North Carolina allegedly committed a triple homicide against his neighbors after a judge lifted a temporary restraining order against the suspect. NJ.com said the suspect, 52-year-old Jonathan Frederick Sander, is accused of killing his three neighbors on Good Friday. Only 24 hours before, one of the victims was in a courtroom, in front of a judge, asking for a permanent restraining order. Rich Sussman, the son of one of the victim’s said, “My father and brother went to court on Thursday fully expecting the judge would grant a permanent restraining order. But the judge said (the threats) are ‘just words’ and ‘there’s not enough here,’ to grant a permanent order.”

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  • Devonna

    Restraining orders are almost useless my mom had one on my father after he staked her and threatened her beat me and her and in a rage came to the house and kicked in the front door so she had one on him and he would follow us drive by the house do side work on house down the street from every time my mom would call the police and all the said was we have to him are you kidding me by that logic he could have killed her or us all because a restraining order is not taken seriously wtf it was scary and the police never helped that is one of my biggest problems with cops the way they treat women who are being beat or stalked or harassed like it is our fault these men are crazy useless i tell you all it is, is a piece of paper that won’t stop someone from coming a once and doing anything they wanted paper dont help

    • go4me77

      Ever hear of puncuation?

    • United States of Incarceration

      What would you like the Police to do? Lock up every man, that someone says is “dangerous”? Are you sure your father wasn’t the OWNER of the house that you were living in? Maybe he was driving by the house because he OWNED it, and lived there, before he was ACCUSED of abuse? If you and your mom were being abused, why didn’t the two of you leave, and go to a place where he couldn’t find you? Why would you stay, and try to force him out with a piece of paper? Men and women both commit domestic violence. Anyone who is abusive or violent should be held accountable, but only AFTER its PROVEN in a fair court of law, that it actually happened. Protective Orders and Restraining Orders are mainly tactical in nature, and cannot possibly protect ANYONE. Accusations are just that… accusations… maybe true, maybe false. Until a person is convicted in a fair court of law, they are INNOCENT, by definition. That includes everyone, man or woman.

      • You need to make sure all women have guns. LOTS OF THEM. TONS OF THEM! Come on ladies TAKE CONTROL!!

    • Dawn

      “won’t stop someone” ? Protection orders used against natural parents of minor children CAUSE tens of thousands of deaths of innocent children and parents each year, and over a million bankruptcies and unwarranted incarcerations, deep poverty and misery. The primary purpose of “protection” orders is to transfer all the assets, savings and property of both parents to violent, mentally disturbed, child-hating cowards known as “family lawyers.”

      • NO. Family lawyers are your FRIENDS!

    • GET A GUN. TAKE CONTROL When people say they are cops, fire a warning shot. That will scare away all the people pretending to come to your door!

  • Chanda Curry

    Teach your daughter’s to shoot,a restraining order is just a piece of paper.

    • Mickey

      Sons too. I guess you didn’t read the list.smdh

      • WOW this is over 2 years old. So much change I did in 2 years. SO MUCH. MGTOW

        • Mickey

          You are not me

    • Dawn

      Parents with minor children who are separating or divorcing should teach their children to communicate and mediate; it is 10,000 times cheaper,
      far safer, less violent and produces far better results in the long run, than
      the dangerous, financially ruinous and often deadly use of litigation (war),
      particularly protection order litigation, in resolving routine custody, parenting and access issues. The Millenials get it after about 30-40% saw how dumb, naive and duped their parents were, losing their parenting skills and their money after accessing a family court, particularly if either parent was advised by a family lawyer accustomed to using adversarial methods of dispute resolution in “resolving” routine family disputes.

      • kell490

        Your foolish to think this will work in a case when you have an abusive domestic partner. The cases where someone kills their ex is usually the main factor they left the marriage was abuse. Typically men who abuse can’t stand the fact they are no longer in control of their family so the result to killing. Once they have passed that point no restraining order is going to stop them the only thing that will stop them is a bullet. A firearm gives a woman a tool to stop a raging man who could easily overpower her. Just google woman killed who had restraining order in 2016 I counted at least 20 this year so far. If they were armed and trained the outcomes would have been different.

        • Diane

          Absolutely!!!! A permit to carry concealed (if allowed in your state of residence), a firearm that fits your hand and train train train. Ladies, don’t allow someone to sell you a firearm that’s too big for you to handle. A .40 caliber with a small grip does quite nicely; and for the home, a shotgun is wonderful (helpful hints: always make sure the shoulder rest is placed firmly against your shoulder, maxi pads make great padding for your shoulder when you go to the range) – remember: a handgun you aim, a shotgun you just point. Training is essential !!!! Become familiar with whatever firearm you choose and get in that range time on a regular basis. In the time of a crisis, you will need to rely on that muscle memory.


  • Carolyn Lee

    sadly the piece of paper is worthless

    • Dawn

      Much, much worse than useless. In child custody cases,
      the vast majority of protection orders are tactical in nature,
      used by abusive family lawyers on unwitting judges and parents
      to quickly, without due process, create intense, drawn out inter-parental conflict–i.e., used by family lawyers to appropriate both parents’ assets, property and savings through the war that unfolds after entry of an ex parte TPO, which can and will destroy good co-parenting, cause the
      whole family the tragic loss of inter-parent communication and
      mediation, ruin the family finances, and will typically cause
      wrongful incarcerations through tactical contempt of protection
      order litigation, bankruptcies, and often suicides, homicides
      and community massacres committed by one of the targeted
      parents or their children.

      • msquatch

        Yes, much worse than useless indeed. My wife is doing the standard high-conflict tactical use of a false restraining order. My aging middle-class parents are paying my legal expenses so I can still afford to maintain the house and new car she enjoys. I also live with my parents out of town now and try to maintain my job working remotely. Meanwhile she uses a free lawyer, but sits secure knowing that her wealthy family will eventually rescue her if a divorce ever goes through.

        Now my kids see me treated as a criminal. I was evicted in front of them while she was out so she didn’t have to face me. I am restricted to 4 short visits a month. They wonder why I can never even come over and play with them . They are also doing badly in school, and generally are not adjusting to this well.

        I have been depressed and hopeless, borderline suicidal. The only thing that keeps me going is that I know that giving up would be worse for the kids, but I still struggle to cope most days. I don’t know how I can get through the next couple of years, which I know will be full of non-stop bitterness and spite,

        • BULLSHIT! The state LOVES YOU. And you voted for it again. 10 more years! Now that orders are going out like hot cakes, and men are really fed up? Gone MGTOW, and cops are actually getting paid to send people to your door. GREAT HUGH!

      • Men are walking away. We dont care MGTOW! BYBYE

  • kell490

    Best to always get training and a firearm for protection setup a plan of defense if someone is kicking down your door retreat to a room with heavy locked doors and a cell phone plugged into a charger you can have an old flip phone that works with 911 even if the plan was shut off years ago 911 still works although a wired phone is better they might cut the wires so a backup flip phone. Always arm your self with a .357 or high capacity 9mm. Maybe a 12 gauge pump shotgun as a backup. Make sure you practice with them firearms so you can use them without any delay. If someone is kicking down your door you don’t have to wait and see if they are armed as soon as you see them in the door shoot center of mass at least 3 shots or 2 blast from 12 gauge pump make sure you load the 12 gauge with 00 buck 2 3/4 don’t buy magnum 12 gauge recoil is too much. Don’t listen to the anti-gun crowd they won’t be there for you.

    • When people say they are cops, fire a warning shot. That will scare away all the people pretending to come to your door!

      • kell490

        Best to not say anything and get on the phone with 911 if it’s real police the 911 operator will let the officers know where you are so you don’t get shot. Warning shots just give up where you are best to shoot to kill not warn.

  • United States of Incarceration

    These Protective Orders and Restraining Orders are mainly used as tools for manipulation and tactical advantage… they should be abolished. It is already against the law to abuse anyone. So, why do we need these orders that are issued based on nothing but an accusation? A huge percentage of these orders are false accusations! In the cases of actual abuse, a piece of paper cannot possibly protect anyone.. in fact it usually makes the situation much worse. Call any magistrates office in America, and ask them if they ever try to direct these “victims” of domestic violence to abuse shelters?… You will hear crickets! No, instead, they send them right back to the place where the “abuse” is allegedly taking place, with a piece of paper. If that person is truly scared, shouldn’t they go to a domestic violence shelter, where there is some security? Or, is it that they just don’t want to be with the other person anymore, and they want them gone from the house, and gone from their life?… But, they want to keep the house, car(s), possessions, and custody of kids, as well as get the upper hand in the upcoming divorce? The recipients of these orders are literally kicked out of their own homes, forced to wander the streets, labelled “abusers”, and even forced to pay “emergency assistance” to the supposed “victim”… all without a trial or any burden of proof. Oh, and the false accusers are guaranteed to not be prosecuted, even if they admit they lied under oath and falsely accused the other person! Its felony perjury, but NEVER prosecuted. Ever. 2-3 million Protective Orders / Restraining Orders issued every year in America, but ZERO prosecutions for lying to get one. Yes, never. Go ahead, try to find ONE case… don’t worry, I’ll wait.

    • Sherry w

      Another mom of of three and sister to my friend just lost her life less than a month ago because this useless piece of paper served absolutely no purpose but only a false sense of security.

      • When people say they are cops, fire a warning shot. That will scare away all the people pretending to come to your door!

  • A false restraining order came to a close today after repeated harassment from the “Victim” came to an abrupt end. And everyone is happy. Even the kids!