Disorder In The Court: 5 Defendants Who Completely Lost It In The Courtroom

Appearing in court apparently brings out the worst out in everyone. And criminal court is probably worst of all, with disturbed defendants sometimes acting weird, funny, or even downright alarming. Here are five, um, special characters and the nutty antics they brought with them into the hallowed house of the law…

Michigan Man Sings Rendition of Adele’s “Hello” To Court

Before being sentenced to 17 years in March, a Michigan man decided to sing his apology to the court. Brian Earl Taylor was convicted of unlawful imprisonment and carrying a concealed weapon, and CBS News reports that the 21-year-old decided to belt out a tune inspired by Adele’s “Hello.” “I want to say I’m sorry for the things I’ve done and I’ll try and be stronger in this life I chose, but I want you to know — that door, I closed. And your honor I’m sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry,” Taylor sang. Despite the harsh sentence, Judge Darlene O’Brien commented that he is “obviously a talented young man.”

Kansas Man Gives Prosecutor An Earful At Sentencing

Calling the prosecutor a “maggot” who “should have died” when he was a baby, it is clear that Michael Gaines didn’t get the outcome he wanted. According to Complex, Gaines was already jailed when he faced charges for spitting on two police officers. Sentenced to 13 years, Judge Rebecca Pilshaw, who laid down the sentence, explained the harsh penalty on her blog, writing:

The officers were extremely concerned because Mr. Gaines is HIV positive. […] It’s somewhat akin to a robber holding an empty gun on a gas station cashier. The risk is minor but the victim’s fear is very real.

In addition to that explanation, Judge Pilshaw shed some light on some of Gaines’ colorful comments that weren’t caught on tape — including calling her a “bitch in a robe.”

Nevada Man Involved In Standoff Rants About The Illuminati At Arraignment

Following a 5-and-a-half hour ordeal in which San Diego police officers were shot at, the man believed to be behind all this mayhem only created more in court. While in a glass defendant’s box during arraignment, Titus Nathan Colbert was seen mouthing the word “Illuminati.” When facing the judge, things didn’t get better. As Colbert’s public defender explained he was uncooperative while his rights were read out, the 33-year-old chanted “May 1st, 1776. May 1st, 1776, May 1st, 1776. May 1st, 1776. May 1st, 1776. May 1st, 1776. I stand for a New World Order.”  Charged with three counts of premeditated attempted murder of a peace officer and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, FOX 5 reports that he was removed from the court as his conspiracy-laden rant went on.

Self-Proclaimed Neo Nazi Explodes When Hearing Possibility Of Death Sentence

A proud Neo-Nazi had an emotional outburst after learning he could be sentenced to death for the shooting death of a man on Wayne Community College campus. Kenneth Morgan Stancil III admitted to killing Ron Lane, who was gay, after he flirted with his brother on Facebook, according to WTVD. After announcing to the court that he’s ready for the stiff penalty, the 20-year-old repeated expletives until bailiffs removed him from the courtroom.

California Man Facing Murder Charges References Samurai Code Of Honor In Random Courtroom Outburst

The trial for a former fighter pilot with “The Fighting Samurai” accused of murdering his wife was marked by out of the blue comments about the the Samurai code of honor. Todd Winkler was accused of stabbing his wife to death. In the middle of District Attorney Lissette Suder outlining the case, Winkler growled, hit himself in the head, and yelled: “You are not Samurai!” he bellowed. “You seek only to destroy! You have no Bushido!” Winkler was quickly taken out of the courtroom and proceedings screeched to a halt. While the defense attorney said his behavior wasn’t staged or planned, Suder dismissed it as “phony,” according to CBS News.





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