What Was Bryce Laspisa Desperate To Tell His Parents On The Day He Went Missing?

On August 30, 2013, Bryce Laspisa, a young and seemingly carefree 19-year-old, went missing near Castiac Lake in California. Bryce drove away from Sierra College, where he had just began his sophomore year, with the apparent intention to go back to his parents’ home in Laguna Niguel. Without any hard evidence, Bryce’s disappearance is riddled with mysteries and painfully unanswered questions. Below we examine the biggest questions raised in Investigation Discovery’s episode of “Disappeared” about the case.

What was causing Bryce’s allegedly odd behavior in the weeks before he went missing? 

After spending the summer with his parents, Bryce appeared to be eager to start his second year at Sierra College. Despite his bright future, Bryce’s friends reported that he was drinking heavily and using prescription drugs during his first two weeks back on campus.

His girlfriend also confirmed that he abruptly ended their relationship and was under the influence the night he left campus. Equally troubling, Bryce reportedly gave away possessions, including diamond earrings from his mother, before hitting the road.

A family photo of Bryce via Facebook

A family photo of Bryce via Facebook

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What was Bryce intending to talk to his parents about on the night he went missing?

It should have only taken Bryce a few hours to drive from school to his parents’ house, but he was on the road for over 20 hours. During that chaotic timeframe, Bryce had his car serviced, talked to his parents multiple times and was even questioned by police. Despite the bizarre timeline of events, everyone that spoke with Bryce, in-person and on the phone, insists that he was lucid.

Police were surprised that Bryce was reluctant to call his parents on the phone and Bryce told his mother not to come pick him up. He told his parents he had something important to talk to them about, but refused to give more details. What did Bryce need to talk his parents about and why was he hesitant to get home? Those questions remains central to the investigation for the police and the private investigator working with Bryce’s parents.

Given his recent substance abuse and reported erratic behavior, many question if Bryce had a psychotic break. Is Bryce living off the grid and not in the right state of mind to contact his family?

Where was Bryce driving and why did he leave his wallet behind?

A photo of Bryce, including the tattoo on his shoulder via Facebook

A photo of Bryce, including the tattoo on his shoulder via Facebook

Bryce’s car was found overturned, with his laptop and wallet inside. The back window of the car was removed and Bryce’s blood was on the seats. Police question if Bryce intentionally drove off the round, heading down the steep and rocky terrain towards the nearby Castiac Lake.

Following the troubling accident, investigators never located Bryce’s body and dogs tracked his scent to a nearby gas station. Could Bryce have sustained a head injury and wandered off? Regardless of Bryce’s mental state, police working the investigation do not believe that he met his demise at Castiac Lake.

If you have any information about the case, call 949-292-4400. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department can be reached at 323-890-5500. You can also send photos to his family at findbrycelaspisa@gmail.com and get updates on Facebook.

Watch every episode of Investigation Discovery’s Disappeared online now.

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