UPDATE: Police Say Father Killed His Gay Son To Cover Up Wife’s Murder

UPDATE, April 6, 2016:

According to the Los Angeles Times, LAPD Homicide detectives believe the primary reason that Shehada Issa killed his son Amier was not about sexual orientation, as initially thought, but rather an effort to cover up the stabbing death of his wife the day before.

Last week, Issa was arrested and charged with the shooting death of his 29-year-old son; Issa’s wife Rabihah was found stabbed to death in the bathroom. Police say that while Issa had threatened Amier’s life because he was gay in the past, and that might have been a factor, the main motivation for the killing was to cover up the fact that he had stabbed Rabihah the day before.

“Dad killed mom and then killed his son to cover it up,” Detective John Doerbecker told the Times.

While Amier’s sexuality may not have been the key factor for the crime, Deputy District Attorney Emily Cole is still confident that there is sufficient evidence to pursue a hate crime charge against Issa for Amier’s death.

“We have enough, obviously, to prove he killed the son. But the motive and the reasoning and everything is very much an ongoing investigation,” Cole explained.

Issa has not yet been charged in his wife’s murder.

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A California father accused of killing his son allegedly did so because he was gay, though there seem to be other issues at play as well.

The Huffington Post reports that Shehada Issa is facing murder charges after his 29-year-old son Amir (pictured) and his mother were found slain in their North Hills home on Tuesday. While Amir was shot, Shehada’s wife Rabihah was reportedly stabbed to death and found in the bathroom, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Los Angeles County prosecutors claim the 69-year-old had threatened his son’s life in the past because of his sexual orientation. Shehada reportedly admitted to wounding Amir — who was found shot in the face and abdomen — with a shotgun. He reportedly claimed Amir had been coming after him with a knife, though no knife was found at the scene.

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However, neighbors claimed the family was mired in turmoil due to the 29-year-old’s mental illness and drug abuse issues. LAPD Sgt. Greg Bruce said they were called out to the house to help evict Amir, who had moved back into his parents’ home recently. Family dysfunction in the house sounded rampant, from media reports, and Amir made various questionable social media postings that called his mental health into question. For instance, ten days before the slayings, Amir posted on Facebook saying his family controlled him in his sleep and that they tell people “to rape and molest me and make it seem like I enjoy that.”

Shehada has been charged with first-degree murder for the death of his son, but has yet to be charged for his wife’s death.

He could face life in prison if convicted.

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