Charles “Tex” Watson, Manson Family Murderer, Demands Edits To His Wikipedia Page

Charles “Tex” Watson apparently wants his Wikipedia page set straight.

In 1971, Watson was convicted on one count of conspiracy to commit murder and seven counts of murder. All were the result of his time spent with the infamous Charles Manson. One of Watson’s victims in that infamous spree was actress Sharon Tate. Watson’s Wikipedia entry goes into a few known details of the murders that took place in August of 1969. He was sentenced to death, but a 1972 court decision that commuted all death sentences to life imprisonment kept him alive. He has been locked up in Mule Creek State Prison in Ione, California for the last few decades.

The Wikipedian is reporting that the a member of Wikipedia’s Volunteer Response Team posted a request that they believe came from Watson to make changes to his Wikipedia page. That request included a scan of five pages of handwritten edits. Included in those edit requests were some chilling changes to what some had thought were established “facts” of the case, such as asserting that Watson had actually assisted Patricia Krenwinkel in the murder of Abigail Folger and removing the notation that Sharon Tate had cried, “Mother…mother…” as she was stabbed 16 times.

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The edits also claim that Watson did not steal $70 from Folger’s purse before stabbing her. The edits did, however, also request restoring a paragraph that talked about a book Watson had written on the murders and his conversion to Christianity.

Wikipedia’s team is reportedly in the process of verifying that these edits did indeed come from Watson. What do you think? Should a convicted murderer be allowed to edit their own Wikipedia entry?

Image: The five pages of edit requests believed to have been made by Watson

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