Foil-Wrapped Robbers Outwit Bank’s Alarm, But Get Caught On Security Cameras

Tin Foil Bank Robbers

We’ve seen some ridiculous disguises while covering the crime beat – remember the Maxi Pad Bandit? Never forget! – but this one is almost clever enough for future thieves to, ahem, recycle. A pair of bank robbers in Praia Grande, Brazil, donned themselves in head-to-toe aluminum foil, not so much to disguise their identities, but to get past the security alarm without setting it off.

They wanted to make sure the alarms didn’t detect their presence by using the aluminum foil,” a spokesman for the state’s military police told a local newspaper.

Now, if you’re laughing at the stupidity of this idea, guess what? The foil actually worked! The bank’s alarm did not go off and it looked like the duo would be able to pull off their heist. HOWEVER. No amount of Reynolds Wrap would have escaped the notice of the bank’s surveillance cameras, and the security team alerted the police. The men took off empty-handed, leaving behind the blow torches and tools they were planning to use to break into the bank’s safe.

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A third man believed to be the lookout was arrested, but the two others remain on the lam. If you live in the area and happen to see large wads of discarded tinfoil laying about, alert the authorities!

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