Half-Bearded Man Has The Greatest Mugshot Facial Hair Of All Time

Kevin Gibson Mugshot

Meet Kevin Gibson, who was recently arrested in Miami Beach, Florida for drinking in public, possession of more than 20 grams of marijuana, and intent to sell. Was he picked up by the police while he was midway through a shave at the barber shop? How else to explain the confusing half-beard he’s rocking in his mugshot? Some theories:

  • The half-beard is a new trend in male grooming and I’m just not cool enough to know about it.
  • His razor broke and he was arrested while he was on his way to the Walgreen’s to buy a new one.
  • Shaving drunk is hard, so he just gave up halfway through and went to grab a beer.
  • This is his regular look, which distinguishes him from all the other weed dealers in Miami Beach, earning him the nickname “Drunky McHalfBeard.”
  • He was supposed to be a groomsman in his brother’s wedding, but didn’t want to shave his beard for the occasion, so they compromised and he shaved the half of his face that would be facing the guests during the ceremony.

That’s all I’ve got. But I think we can all agree that he looks much more youthful with a shave. I recommend he keeps going and gets rid of it all — when he’s out of the clink, that is.

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