Happy 420 To You: Top 4 Wacky Weed Crimes

In honor of 420, CrimeFeed has rounded up four of the most bizarre marijuana-related crimes we’ve covered over the past couple years. Whether you’re a fan of the increasingly socially accepted drug or, well, not so much (hey, extreme paranoia and extended bouts of binge-eating aren’t everyone’s bag), these four incidents might give you pause…

Cops Find Groaning Man Surrounded By Doritos After Calling Cops About Being “Too High” 

After getting uncomfortably stoned, a 22-year-old Ohio man called the cops to complain that he was “too high.” Lol. He also told officers he couldn’t feel his hands. When police arrived, they reportedly found him groaning in the fetal position, surrounded by snack foods like Doritos, according to the police report. Hey, munchies happen, and they’re dangerous business.

Totally Chill Shop Teacher Busted For Letting Students Smoke Up In Shop Class

Just last month, a high school shop teacher by the name of Domonic Leuzzi, 23, was busted for allegedly letting behaviorally challenged students smoke the green stuff while building birdhouses in his class. He was, not surprisingly, fired from his job, as well as being charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Bummer, dude.

Large Bag Of Pot Accidentally Donated To Salvation Army 

In 2014, a Salvation Army in Sugarcreek Borough, PA got more than it bargained for when someone donated used clothes to the store — along with a large baggie full of pot. Cops were called to investigate the unusual offering (which we assume was quite accidental), but no word on whether they were able to track down the, um, generous donor.

Woman Sets Apartment On Fire After Boyfriend Smokes All Her Weed


In 2013, a 35-year-old Chicago woman named Linda Lopez was reportedly so peeved that her boyfriend smoked all her MJ, she allegedly set their apartment up in flames. OK, there was allegedly heroin involved too (they were reportedly high on the hard stuff when the argument about weed began.) Lopez also allegedly threatened her live-in love with a knife during the fracas. She got sentenced to four years in the slammer for the incident.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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