Teen Arrested For Allegedly Live-Streaming Friend’s Rape On Periscope

An Ohio woman is accused of using social media to livestream her 17-year-old friend being raped.

WCMH reports that Marina Lonina launched the app Periscope to film the action when 29-year-old Raymond Boyd Gates purportedly forced himself on the victim. Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien also says that the 18-year-old Lonina also secretly took nude photos of the victim the night before the alleged assault.

Though it is unknown how many people tuned in, a friend in another state who saw the stream alerted police. O’Brien claims alcohol was involved, which made the victim incapable of giving consent, according to to The Columbus Dispatch“The alcohol accounts for the stupidity of what was done with the live-streaming,” he says.

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Gates’ arraignment is scheduled for Friday. Along with Lonina, the pair faces sexual battery, kidnapping, pandering sexually-oriented matter involving a minor, and rape charges, the New York Daily News reports. Lonina is facing an additional illegal use of a minor in a nudity-oriented material or performance charge for using the Periscope app.

“If Gates and Lonina are convicted for these charges, they each face a potential sentence in excess of forty years in prison,” O’Brien says.


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