38 Years After Finding Sister Murdered, Man Searches For Answers In Cold Case

Investigators in Phoenix, AZ are hoping forensic evidence can help solve a case four decades old. The brother of Pauline ‘Robin’ Burgette told News 12 he wants the killer to answer for what she or he has done.

It’s been 38 long years that Chad Burgette has gone with a huge void in his life. At the age of 16, his sister Robin was not only murdered, but she may have been sexually assaulted. “I miss her, I miss her a lot, we got cheated out of a lot of years,” Chad told Fox 10 Phoenix.

News 12 said it was March 12, 1978, around 5 p.m. when Chad, clear as day, remembers finding his sister’s body in her bedroom inside their duplex apartment. At the time of the murder, Fox 10 Phoenix said Chad and his mother were away on a weekend trip. Chad was only 1 at the time, and the discovery will haunt him for the rest of his life.

“I live with it every single day,” Chad said.

The only thing Chad knows for certain is Robin, a blonde, bright-eyed teen with a big smile, left a friend’s house the night before around 8 p.m. to meet her then-boyfriend, the report said. She was alive, and she was well. Reports say Robin may have been planning to have that boyfriend over to her place later for dinner. It’s unclear if the meeting ever happened. Reports say Robin was seen various times and places the day before her murder.

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At the scene of the crime, there were unfortunately very few clues left behind. AZ Central reports Robin was stabbed to death. Fortunately, police was able to collect forensic evidence, but there has not been a match over all these years.

It is not clear who Robin’s boyfriend was at the time and if he was ever questioned. No reports name her partner publicly.

Police spoke out to Fox 10 Phoenix and said the killer was most likely someone she knew, but they aren’t giving any insight as to who they think may have committed this crime.

Det. Schwartzkopf spoke out to the Fox station and said Robin was not in school at the time of her death; she had dropped out. “Being out of school, she had a lot of boyfriends, a lot of ex-boyfriends, what we’re hoping is  that somewhere along the line someone said something to someone and admitted to something,” Schwartzkopf added.

AZ Central reports at one point there were more than 2,500 unsolved homicides and sex crimes dating back 60 years in the Phoenix area. The report indicates over a long period of time, a squad of Phoenix police investigators sifted through each and every unsolved case and ranked them according to the quality of evidence for each one. Robin’s case ranks number four on that report. You can link and scroll through each case listed.

“It’s time for that person to answer for what they’ve done,” Chad said.

If you know anything at all about Robin’s case, you can contact Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS. You can remain anonymous.

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