Casey Anthony Paid Her Attorney With Sex And Confessed To Killing Caylee, Former Private Investigator Claims

Casey Anthony And Jose Baez

Casey Anthony, the Florida mom who was acquitted in 2011 of killing her daughter Caylee, in is back in the spotlight and once again, her former legal troubles, and how she paid for representation specifically, are at the forefront.

Dominic Casey is a private investigator who used to work for Anthony, and according to PEOPLE magazine, in a 15-page affidavit, he’s accuses Anthony and her former attorney, Jose Baez, of having a sexual relationship that began prior to her well-publicized trial. The paperwork was filed after Dominic Casey sat down for a deposition for Anthony’s bankruptcy case, WTSP reports.

Casey claims there was one instance when he saw “a naked Casey” on a day when he stopped by Baez’s office unannounced, the PEOPLE report continued. Casey also claims that Baez told Anthony she owed him oral sex in exchange for canceling an interview.

Perhaps even more shockingly, Casey claims Baez confided that Anthony had confessed to killing two-year-old Caylee.

Casey had murdered Caylee and dumped her body somewhere, and he needed all the help he could get to find the body before anyone else did,” Casey alleges Baez told him. According to WTSP, Casey claims Baez and Anthony wanted to pin Caylee’s murder on a family member or the meter reader who found the toddler’s body.

Baez denies any and all of Dominic Casey’s claims. In a statement released to PEOPLE, he said:

“I unequivocally and categorically deny exchanging sex for my legal services with Ms. Anthony. I further unequivocally and categorically deny having any sexual relationship with Ms. Anthony whatsoever. I have always conducted my practice consistent with the high ethical standards required of members of the Florida Bar. My representation of Ms. Anthony was no exception.”

Baez is reportedly considering legal action.

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  • Jessiemoon

    You defended Casey Anthony, and still want to boast about having High Ethical Standards… Not quite possible Mr. Baez!!

    • Theresa


      • Crsi Tig Roswel


    • Affording someone the expertise of professional legal counsel is a right guaranteed by our Constitution’s 6th Amendment. You CAN dispense such a service, even to someone who you think is clearly guilty, and still retain personal ethics.

      …but not if you’re banging them on the side. But the simple act of representing a despicable person is not, in itself, unethical.

      • Evelyn A

        Agreed, Euroranger.

      • Jessiemoon

        I disagree, there’s a certain level of scum one must possess to become a defense attorney.

        • What a curious opinion to hold. I suspect if you had ever been falsely accused of something that you’d like to have access to an attorney with capability and ethics, right? Or do you suggest that police investigators and district attorneys never make mistakes?

          You personally think Casey Anthony is guilty. So do I. But prior to her trial she is innocent like every other person who is accused of a crime. If YOU want to be represented by competent counsel in the event you’re wrongly accused then you need to acquire the maturity to grant that everyone else gets that same right.

          The Constitution and the rights they assure are for everyone.

          • Jessiemoon

            Being a good lawyer, and having no moral standard are not mutually exclusive. You can wake up every day and figure out slimy ways to free criminals for a paycheck AND be good at it. Defense attorneys are usually not in it just to “Free the wrongly accused” come on now.

          • You have such a remarkable blind spot. You do realize that for every legal proceeding where each side is represented (the vast, vast majority of cases that grace our court systems, both criminal and civil) there is a prosecuting/plantiff’s attorney and A DEFENSE ATTORNEY, right?

            I mean, your assertion that scum must be involved in deciding to help someone secure their constitutionally assured right to a speedy, fair trial is most disturbing. Or are you suggesting that the lawyers themselves should be adjudging the clients as they walk through the door and representing only the ones who are “truly” innocent? You’re okay with someone making a snap decision like that, without getting past the major headlines, as to whether they deserve competent counsel? You’re saying that because someone decides to represent people accused of crimes that they’re “slimy” and “scum”?

            Nobody said that such lawyers were there to “[f]ree the wrongly accused”. They’re there to provide competent legal counsel…and that seems to really offend you. Competent counsel is NECESSARY so that someone who is tried and rightly convicted of a crime cannot weasel out of the verdict and attendant sentence due to a claim of incompetence of their lawyer. Had you considered that angle? I suspect not. Effective counsel cannot change the facts of a case. They can only assure that the prosecution abides by the rules and presents a complete and compelling enough case to convince a jury or judge to convict. They’re there to ensure that a judge applies the correct legal guidance to the jury and that the trial is conducted based on impartial, objective evidence.

            It’s troubling that there are those who are ostensibly mature adults who don’t seem to know how indispensable to a functional society an independent and fair judiciary is. Complaining that someone like Anthony had effective counsel strains the definition of word “oblivious”.

            If you want to be pissed off at someone in the Casey Anthony trial, you need to look no further than the prosecuting attorney. They had all the evidence anyone should have needed to convict…and they failed to do so.

          • Fiona Haw

            Totally agree.

          • Maria Torres

            If people don’t get proper representation then the conviction doesn’t stick and they walk. They’re integral to conviction the same as an acquittal.

          • Crsi Tig Roswel

            You don’t even understand the justice system enough to hold an opinion of any value whatsoever.

        • Fiona Haw

          No matter what any of the public thinkand she was found NOT guilty. My heartdaughter bleeds for that poor little girl and the torture she endured, her young life was snubbed out far too early, but if the mother is really innocent then imagine how she must feel to be accused of killing the Angel she gave birth too. It is a horrific set of circumstances and a lot of things don’t add up, but theI private investigator only made these allegations AFTER he had beena removed from this case, some may say that he had a vendetta.

  • KierstaRayne

    I don’t think I believe this guy. Maybe everything he is saying is actually true but if it is it would make seriously NO sense that Casey Anthonys attorney would “confide” in the Anthony families PRIVATE ATTORNEY. Just think about what this guy is claiming. It’s too…Juicy.

    • Eric Tanner

      If I were Attorney Baez, I think I would be a little concerned. The Florida Bar can jerk his license to practice — he has best hope the allegations are unfounded.

    • Fiona Haw

      And he only said it AFTER he had been removed from the Anthony case.

  • KierstaRayne

    And also, this girl had her day in court. Just like ANY OTHER PERSON accused of a crime. She beat her case, whether onlookers like it or not that’s the way our justice system works. So, why are people still talking about her? You know how many children are out there, missing, right now?? Why don’t you do something productive and contribute your extra time trying to save those kids instead of staying focused on one kid who you can’t do anything for, other than to just remember her.
    These other missing kids don’t want to become a memory. They want to be FOUND.

    • 153545

      So what you’re saying is this child doesn’t deserve justice, then?

      • Just Me

        Even if everything this guy says is 100% true. Legally it means nothing. You cant try her again even if she goes on live national TV and says “I killed my daughter”. So what justice are you referring to?

    • John

      Caylee Anthony didn’t go missing, she was murdered by her mother who is now walking free. Tell us more about how our justice system “works”. Right, it doesn’t.

    • Gina Kimball

      Wow..would you still feel that way if it was your dead son or daughter? I think not. Be sensitive. All children matter.

      • Maria Torres

        I think she’s just saying use it like Walsh and Claase have.

    • Brandon April Fields

      Brandon April Fields

    • Al Philips


  • JaMaWi

    ENOUGH! DONE! Finis. over. Enough money has been made off of the murder of a child. Ultimate Justice is on the way for everone of the dirty Low-lifes involved. Let Caylee Anthony Rest In Peace. [and it all happened just as the public discerned. Don’t tell it again.

  • tarnishedcopper

    This woman deserves to rot in prison in the cell next to her attorney’s if this is true.

  • Queef Sniffer

    She’s hot … I would sniff her Queefs

  • Crsi Tig Roswel

    Where’s mention of the crazy freak they both worshipped in a cult? He kept telling her kids gather sin while they live.

  • Carole Nichols

    Jose, you opened for the defendent by accusing George Anthony of killing Caylee, and for having incestual relations with Casey. You are a liar and a fraud and I have no doubt you had some nefarious relationship with that murderer.