High-Rollin’ Strip-Club Patron Busted For Funny Money

A 32-year-old Michigan man, Stephen C. Gidcumb, was caught trying to pay a stripper for a lap dance using an allegedly counterfeit $100 bill.

Mug shot: Saginaw County Sheriff’s Office

Mug shot: Saginaw County Sheriff’s Office

He was in the private VIP room with one of the dancers at the Déjà Vu club in Kochville Township, making it rain with his fake Benjamins. According to the club’s website, it’s the area’s “ONLY Totally Nude Premiere Gentlemen’s Club.”

His trouble began when after leaving the club, he returned for some reason. Lt. Miguel Gomez of Saginaw County Sheriff’s Office told the New York Daily News, “He left and came back — and while he was gone, she realized that the $100 was fake.”

The dancer then called the cops on the counterfeiter, who found $4,000 in the bad bills on him. After arresting Gidcumb, the police searched his home, where he lives with his mother.


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In their home, authorities found more funny money and printing equipment. Gidcumb is accused of uttering and publishing counterfeit notes, which is a felony, and is also charged with carrying a concealed weapon, as a pistol was found in his car. A preliminary hearing is set for May 31.

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