Man Accused Of Sexually Assaulting 101-Year-Old; Fight At White House Afterparty & More You Missed This Weekend

While you were enjoying the spring weather, here are a few stories you may have missed this weekend…

82-Year-Old Man Accused Of Sexually Assaulting 101-Year-Old Mom-In-Law

Police are investigating a possible sexual assault of a 101-year-old woman at the hands of her also-elderly son-in-law. The victim’s daughter brought her mother to a Madrid, Spain hospital after she found her in “semi-shock,” disheveled on a couch. The Star reports that the daughter claimed she also found her husband “looking strange” on the sofa. Authorities got involved after the mother told her daughter what transpired. The 82-year-old husband was jailed for indecent assault with an object but could be formally charged with rape.

Louisana Man Facing ‘Unconstitutional’ Life Sentence Freed After 41 Years

A Louisiana man convicted of fatally shooting his white classmate when he was 16 was freed after serving 41 years of a life sentence. When Gary Tyler boarded a bus, he was met by other black people encountering a hostile crowd. The teen was arrested for 13-year-old Thomas Weber’s death after a gun was recovered on the bus The Huffington Post reports. Tyler’s trial and conviction were controversial. Originally sentenced to death in 1974, Tyler’s sentence was commuted to life in 1976. Though the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against his conviction, stating that he was not  presumed innocent, he never was granted a new trial. After serving more than 30 years — and eight years in solitary confinement — on Friday he was formally sentenced to 21 years and allowed to go home.

Brawl Transpires Between FOX News & Huffington Post Reporters At White House Correspondents Dinner Afterparty

The White House Correspondents Dinner Afterparty got pretty crazy when two unlikely parties got into an altercation — FOX News and Huffington Post reporters. The Washington Post claims the MSNBC-hosted party included a fight between Fox News correspondent Jesse Watters and Huffington Post Washington bureau chief Ryan Grim. Witnesses claim that Grim recounted how Watters set up an on-camera confrontation of now-Huffington Post colleague Amanda Terkel when he worked for the “O’Reilly Factor.” Wanting to show him how it feels, Grim allegedly began filming him with his camera phone, when Watters snatched the device from him. Aside from an upturned table and some ruffled guests, no real damage was done.



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