I Have Questions: High School Under Fire For Showing “Human Centipede 2” During Class

Human Centipede 2

According to various media outlets, a teacher at Jackson Central-Merry High School in Jackson, Tennessee, was recently suspended after parents complained that their children had watched Human Centipede 2 during class. The film is the second in Tom Six’s nauseating but also kinnnnnnnda brilliant torture porn trilogy, in which unwilling victims are fused from mouth to anus to form human centipedes of various lengths. It is, needless to say, not appropriate viewing for most venues, let alone a high school classroom filled with teenagers.

Upon learning of an alleged movie viewing, the district immediately launched an internal investigation regarding the alleged viewing of an inappropriate film at Jackson­ Central-Merry High School,” the school announced in a press release sent out over the weekend. “This investigation is ongoing. At the time the incident was reported, the teacher was immediately suspended and remains suspended pending the outcome of the investigation.”

Director Tom Six caught wind of the story and took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the matter:

BTW, the character Six refers to is named Martin and what Martin decides to do is kidnap a dozen people and make them into a 12-person human centipede using rusty tools, a staple gun, a funnel and dirty gauze. But the film is in black and white, so it’s artsy-foul. Fun stuff! I’ve posted the trailer to the movie at the bottom of this post — I hope you’ve figured out by now that it’s NSFW.

Beyond what’s offered in the school’s press release, very few details have been made available about the film screening, and as a result, I HAVE QUESTIONS! What class did the screening occur in? What lessons could the teacher have been trying to impart by showing the class Human Centipede 2? There are reports that the class only watched part of the film, but which part? What homework assignment could have possibly gone along with that day’s instruction? Until I get concrete answers, here are some vaguely plausible, imagined theories:

CLASS: Anatomy
LESSON: Miracles of the Digestive System
SCENE:  Martin’s DIY buttcheek surgery on his first victim/centipede segment.
HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT: Aside from the obvious hygienic issues, explain why the human centipede is anatomically impossible. (Extra credit given for accurately labeled drawings.)

LESSON: Aesthetics Of Black & White Photography In The Horror Genre
SCENE: The part where poop actually splatters against the camera lens.
HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTName three other non-horror directors who Tom Six might have been inspired by when filming this scene, and the specific influence they had on his poop splatter methodology.

CLASS: Government
LESSON: Free Speech & Censorship
SCENE: When Martin pleasures himself with a piece of sandpaper.
HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT: Present an argument for why this scene should NOT have gotten the film banned in New Zealand, the UK and Australia, using your understanding of the First Amendment of the Constitution.

CLASS: Physical Education
LESSON: Your Knees’ Needs: Tending To Every Athlete’s Most Important Body Part
SCENE: The part where Martin immobilizes his victims so that they can’t run away by slicing into their knees and snipping the tendons.
HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT: List five ways to prepare your knees for physical activity and/or run five laps.

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