Rome University Student Burned To Death By Rejected Ex-Boyfriend – And No One Stopped To Help


Sara Di Pietrantonio, a 22-year-old Italian university student studying economics, was killed by being set on fire, investigators say.

The suspect is her ex-boyfriend, Vincenzo Paduano, 27, with whom she had been in a relationship for two years; she had just broken up with him hours before. He is accused of forcing her car off the road, and then setting her on fire with alcohol and a cigarette lighter. At first he denied the deed, but after eight hours of questioning, he admitted his guilt on Sunday morning.


Vincenzo Paduano being escorted out of police headquarters in Rome. Photo: EPA/POLIZIA/HANDOUT

Apparently, Paduano could not accept that she had left him and had a new boyfriend. When he got off work from his job as a security guard, he waited for her outside the home of her current boyfriend. When she exited his house, Paduano followed her in his car. After forcing her to stop, he got into her car and started an argument with her. He then poured some kind of alcohol over the car’s interior and his ex-girlfriend, and used a lighter to set the car on fire. She was able to get away from him and ran, but Paduano got out and caught up with her, setting her ablaze with the lighter as well.

According to The Local, Di Pietrantonio texted her mother at 3:30 a.m. saying she was on the way home. When she never arrived, her mother and uncle went out to look for her, and are the ones who discovered her car on fire and her burning body near the road.

“In 25 years in this job I have never seen such a heinous crime,” officer Luigi Silipo said of the awful scene.

Prosecutor Maria Monteleone stated that Paduano “didn’t accept being abandoned” and that “he organized, he planned the aggression,” regarding the attack on Di Pietrantonio.

As can be seen in surveillance video of the scene, cars passed by the burning woman as she screamed and begged for help, but none of them stopped or even bothered to call the police. Monteleone urged the public to help and “not to look the other way.” She added that if passers-by had assisted the victim, her life might have been saved. She also encouraged women to report “any threatening behavior by those who insist they love you, but it’s not that way.”

Chamber of Deputies President Laura Boldrin also urged Italian women to take any threats from men to police, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. She said that the country as a whole needs a change in cultural mentality, as it’s not uncommon for jilted men to become violent toward women after they end a relationship with them.

Paduano is being held on suspicion of premeditated murder.

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  • Outraged

    Burn him at the stakes the same way He did to her. He needs to be put to death.This is sick and to those who did nothing to help her Shame on them.

    • rush

      You’re saying that this is sick, meanwhile you want the same thing to happen to the man as well, clearly you’re sick.

      • dizzygothica

        While I don’t agree with killing, much as I would like him to suffer, there is a difference – ‘outraged’ just wants an arrogant animal to feel what it’s like to suffer what he dished out – he on the other hand burned to death a human being, just because she dared to not want him. Big difference!

      • Outraged

        Terrific Thats makes both of us

      • canIpleaseadd

        Well, they say “An eye for an eye”! He SHOULD need to suffer the same fate to know the same horror!
        Had he been peace-loving, I would wish him the same….but he chose otherwise.

        • Phruizler

          No, “an eye for an eye” is exactly what they DON’T say. It’s literally a rhetorical statement of what NOT to do. The phrase is “an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.” How do you not know that?

          • Flyagaricus

            No, ‘eye for an eye’ is an ancient Hammurabi law, meaning literally that the punishment for a crime is the same as that committed. So a murderer is put to death etc. and this practice has been used for centuries in many cultures. Mohandas Ghandi disagreed with this idea, and he is attributed with saying ‘An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.’

            How do YOU not know that?

          • Phruizler

            I do know that, but no one cites Hammurabi law in 2016 because it’s archaic and the cultures which still institute it are stuck in the dark ages for the exact reason that the Gandhi quote illustrates.

      • Aruni Udeshika

        Burning a totally innocent person, and burning a person who burnt a totally innocent person are two very different situations. Got it?

        • rush

          Wishing torture on other people, no matter what they did, is sick.

  • dizzygothica

    What arrogance! This guy needs to be imprisoned for life (i.e. until he dies)

  • What an absolute scumbag, trust he will spend the rest of his life in a cell totally rejected by everyone with even a shred of decency. Think of the absolute pain and suffering he caused the girl and the suffering of her family and friends,

  • mortgoth

    The people who just drove past should also be charged- what cowards.

    • ichigo kurosaki

      Cowards?? They are not human. They don’t need to be brave to give a police call if they couldn’t get out of car and help.

  • Teva Bruce

    This filthy piece of human flesh is going to be very very popular in prison.

  • Aruni Udeshika

    I have been realising this more and more lately. Women are very developed and intelligent while men are just children in big bodies throwing tantrums and taking illogical actions depending on various reasons.

    • zaplen

      so this one man is responsible for representing the entire male population? this has nothing to do with gender and would’ve been viewed the same were their roles reversed.

      • Aruni Udeshika

        Nothing to do with gender? Lol you are funny. It is always always men who go around murdering, attacking, throwing acid (on) women for rejecting them. On some occasions, along with children. Always men. You must be living in a cave to be totally ignorant of what’s going on with the world. How blissful it must be.

      • Aruni Udeshika

        This one man? You clearly do not know anything about this matter. Come back once you are well educated on this. Do some research and look at just how many men behaved this way and just how many women and children, and men were murdered. It is always men who go on hormonal rampages despite not having periods (sarcasm). You’re either dumb or ignorant.

    • Boonze

      It’s brave of you stating that women are developed and intelligent when you’re so very clearly the exception to the rule.

      • Aruni Udeshika

        Ryan Gosling is very brave too, then.

  • Brianna LaPoint

    emotional manipulation whether it is females to males or males to females is cruel. Self love is crucial for getting over unrequited love