Three Lingering Questions From The Tammy Kingery Missing Persons Investigation

On September 20, 2014, Tammy Kingery disappeared after leaving work sick. The only clue she left behind at her North Augusta, South Carolina home was a note saying she’d gone for a walk in the woods and would return soon.

Despite over a year of searching, no one has seen or heard from Tammy since she was reported missing. And while there are no solid clues, the list of theories continues to grow.

Below, we review the biggest questions presented in the latest episode of “Disappeared”:

A recreation of Tamy's note and phone left behind.

A recreation of Tamy’s note and phone left behind.

Why did Tammy leave for a walk when she was home sick from work?

After returning from working early, Tammy retired to her bedroom to rest for the day. Park, her husband of almost 20 years, left Tammy at their house and took their three kids to run errands so she could relax quietly.

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At some point during two hours after Park and the kids were gone, Tammy decided to go for a walk. While taking a walk near your home seems normal enough, the Kingery house is located deep in the woods and it was uncharacteristic of Tammy to walk through the area by herself.

Tammy’s husband also found it odd that she left a note behind, which read “going on a walk, be back soon, love you.” Those close to Tammy insist that she would have sent a text message to her loved ones if she planned to leave home unexpectedly.

And even more perplexing, Tammy did not take her purse, her phone, her money or her credit card when she left the house.

Tammy and her sisters, Becky and Amy.

Tammy and her sisters, Becky and Amy.

Was Tammy’s battle with depression linked to her disappearance? 

In the weeks leading to Tammy’s disappearance, she had been exhausted and had spent most evenings in bed. Tammy’s co-workers also reported that she had been agitated and acting oddly the morning she went missing.

Tammy’s husband also noticed that her poor health seemed to be linked to her deepening depression. Before she vanished, Tammy had described her feelings of hopeless and had been convinced that no doctor or medication could help her.

Even more troubling, Tammy had attempted to commit suicide years before she went missing. Given her history of depression, her family and investigators were initially fearful that she might have attempted to hurt herself.

If Tammy did leave her house with the intent to harm herself, why haven’t investigators or volunteer search groups been able to find any clues within 10 miles of the home?

Was Tammy really alone when she left?

When Park found his wife’s troubling note, he immediately went to search for her. After four hours of looking for Tammy, Park called the police. Family and friends, along with tracking dogs, searched the area for days. As previously mentioned, the extensive search did not result in any physical evidence that Tammy walked away from the house.

Adding to the mysterious events, Tammy’s teen daughter thought she had seen her mom on a motorcycle the day she went missing. The woman on the bike, who reportedly looked just like Tammy, was riding with an unknown man. While the tip is compelling, the details are limited and many people in the area own motorcycles. Determining if Tammy’s daughter saw her mother that day is nearly impossible without someone coming forward with more information.

Building the case that Tammy left with someone, a neighbor of the Kingery’s heard what sounded like a motorcycle pull into the home’s

A family photo of Tammy via Facebook

A family photo of Tammy via Facebook

driveway in the hours during which Park and the kids were running errands. Who would have come to the Kingery household?

Furthermore, Tammy’s phone records revealed that she had been texting two men. The text messages reportedly indicated romantic relationships, but police insisted that the texts are not linked to her disappearance.

Although there are many believe that Tammy left the area willingly, or even forcibly, with a third party, there is no hard evidence to identify a suspect. Those involved in the investigation hope that someone will come forward with information about Tammy’s disappearance.

If you have any information about the case please contact the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office: 803-637-5337/ 803-278-1625.

Watch every episode of Investigation Discovery’s Disappeared online now.

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