Woman Stabbed 10 Times Inside Oregon Buddhist Temple, Rescued By Monks

Jose Murillo Stabs Cynthia Veazey At Buddhist Temple

A woman in Oregon is fighting for her life after authorities say she was stabbed 10 times inside a Buddhist temple.

According to the Statesman Journal, late Friday night/early Saturday morning, 23-year-old Jose M. Murillo and 26-year-old Cynthia Veazey allegedly broke into the Buddhist Temple of Oregon in Salem. The pair met on Craigslist about six months ago and became friends, Oregon Live reports.

According to a press release issued by the Sheriff’s Office, once inside the quiet building, Murillo and Veazey began to use methamphetamine. It wasn’t long after that  Murillo reportedly became erratic and said he was hearing voices.

Murillo said he wanted Veazey to help him find the those voices in the temple, and when she tried to calm him down, he allegedly attacked and stabbed her 10 times. After the stabbing, Veazey was left for dead and dumped in blackberry bushes outside the temple.

Hours went by before the Temple’s monks discovered Veazey, who was thankfully still alive and taken to a local hospital. By that time, Murillo was long gone. Veazey told Oregon State Police exactly what had occurred and investigators set about finding Murillo, who was eventually apprehended.

Murillo has since been charged with attempted murder and first degree assault. He’s expected to be in court Tuesday.

According to various news reports, Veazy is still in serious condition.

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