“Black Widow” Stacey Castor, Who Killed Husband With Antifreeze, Dies Behind Bars

Stacey Castor

Investigators in New York are working to figure out how a convicted female killer dubbed “The Black Widow” died behind bars. Syracuse.com reports 48-year-old Stacey Castor, who was serving time for killing her second husband with antifreeze and attempting to kill her daughter in a similar fashion, died on Saturday at the Bedford Hills facility in Westchester County. She was sentenced in 2009 after a four-week trial.

It’s unclear if Castor passed away from natural causes, a homicide, a suicide or an accident, the medical examiner told the publication. The autopsy and toxicology will be conducted by the Westchester County Medical Examiner’s Office, Syracuse.com said, and results could take many months.

David Castor was murdered in 2005, when Stacey Castor fed him antifreeze through a turkey baster on their anniversary weekend. At first glance, it appeared as if David Castor killed himself – in fact, his death was initially ruled a suicide. It wasn’t until two years later, in 2007, when Castor attempted to kill her daughter that her first husband’s body was exhumed from the ground and an investigation into his death was reopened. Castor was accused of making her daughter a soda concoction mixed with pills, juice and alcohol. She then wrote a note in which the child took responsibility for the death of David Castor, essentially framing her child for her husband’s death. Luckily, the girl survived, leading to Castor’s prosecution and eventual conviction. Castor apparently doctored her husband’s will in order to collect an insurance payout.

Prior to her death, Castor was sentenced to 51 years behind bars. Before marrying David Castor, she was married to a man named Michael Wallace, who also passed away during their marriage, and both men were buried next to each other at Owasco Rural Cemetery. The plots are owned by Stacey Castor and she’s set to be buried next to her husbands. But David Castor’s son, David Jr., has filed a suit to have his father’s body removed from that gravesite, which he calls it a “Shrine of Evil.” He alleges that Castor likely murdered Wallace as well.

Syracuse.com received a copy of the court request, which states:

“The petition is asking that my father (David, Sr.) be moved, for it is troubling me in knowing that my father’s murderer (Stacey R. Castor) intends to be buried in a plot next to my father. In addition, it is also troubling me to pay respect (visit) my father at a place I feel is Stacey’s ‘Shrine of Evil.’ Rather Stacey would be placed next to my father or not, it is emotionally overwhelming to even consider paying respect to my father.”

There’s no word on how Castor Jr.’s suit will proceed in light of Stacey Castor’s sudden death.

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